Curvy Tower Block Approved For Paddington

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Curvy Tower Block Approved For Paddington

This 30-storey residential block just got approved by Westminster Council. At 105 metres, the West End Green tower will dominate the skyline at the crossroads of Edgware Road and the Westway.

The tower will be built on derelict land beside a cluster of existing tower blocks and two of London's busiest roads. You might think that'd all work in its favour. The scheme has, however, generated plenty of local ire.

Arrow shows site of proposed development. Image from Google Maps.

The Skyline Campaign fears the scheme will 'open the floodgates' for further tall buildings in the area. It says that the building contravenes Westminster's own planning regulations for height. It further opines that the quality of architecture is 'very mediocre, clumsy and insensitive to context'.

Objections were also lodged by local MP Karen Buck, 10 Westminster councillors and Historic England, as well as hundreds of people concerned about the growth of London's skyline. Among their gripes is that the tower could obtrude upon views of Little Venice and Hyde Park.

Others have written in support of the development. Comments on the skyscrapercity forum describe the tower as 'a great looking scheme which would improve this part of Paddington massively'. Another added: 'Love this proposal. Good quality detail and, if the renders are accurate, a well integrated use of stone and brick'.

The development, by Berkeley Homes, will contain 652 apartments, with 126 classified as 'affordable'. Work is expected to start later this year.

The approval comes just weeks after a proposed nearby 72-storey building, dubbed the Paddington Pole, was withdrawn from the planning process following local objection.   

The full planning application can be found on Westminster Council's website. Read further objections and support here.

Last Updated 20 April 2016


I have to say that I really don't like the tone of this article. The Londonist is (rightly) always griping about the state of London's housing crisis. Don't then turn around and write an article that describes the creation of 650 new homes in the same old negative way - "tower will dominate the skyline", "generated plenty of local ire"... I know you've included some positive comments from others but, honestly, if we're even going to have a hope of readdressing the MASSIVE supply vs demand issue in London's housing market, we're going to have to completely re-frame the way that we talk about tall buildings. 'Dominate' = 'Enliven' 'local ire' = 'hopes and dreams of young Londoners desperate to get on the housing ladder'


Gee - there seem to be a couple of reasonably tall blocks just up Edgware Road already? (Also quite visible in the photo above). This is the usual Little Britain meanness - fight anything new or better. Then the day it's complete (think Gherkin) "national icon!"

"Views of Hyde Park" - what - with a telescope? How about "Views of the Westway's immobile traffic"...

Melvyn Windebank

Demolition of Westway would be best improvement for this area !

Clustering tall buildings around stations like Paddington Station is policy former Mayor Ken Livingstone and is better than way Biris has spread them anywhere and everywhere .

Towers at Bishopsgate goods depot also make sense as its in City of London and hopefully station can be properly finished instead of shell it now is.