Video: Secrets Of The Trams

Geoff Marshall
By Geoff Marshall Last edited 26 months ago
Video: Secrets Of The Trams

Which BBC newsreader is the voice of the trams? Why is the tram network green? Why has West Croydon station got no platform 2?

We head to Croydon and the surrounding area to uncover the secrets of the tram network.

Last Updated 17 March 2016

Tube Geek

FINALLY! Next up, secrets of the Boris Bikes, River Buses, or normal Buses


you look cold man

Dan Crawford

Not really a 'secret' I realise, but surprised not to see anything about the short section of 'gauntlet' track that Tramlink has.

Tube Geek

I've only just noticed the captions thing! You did it with the DLR video, too.

Paul Dicken

One think I really like about the new tram fleet numbers is that they begin at 2530, continuing from the highest-numbered tram 2529 on London's former tram network, which closed in 1952. How's that for continuity!


No mention of a BBC newsreader.

Tram driver

The trams go at 80kph max, not 60kph!

Mark Smith

Geoff, you should mention interlaced tracks at Church Street and at Mitcham