What's London's Most Expensive Train Station Toilet?

Geoff Marshall
By Geoff Marshall Last edited 15 months ago

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What's London's Most Expensive Train Station Toilet?

None of us want to use train toilets, but sometimes — especially if you've had a drink or two — it's a necessary evil.

Increasingly, so is having to pay for the privilege.

Here at Londonist we were aghast to notice that 'spending a penny' at Victoria station has recently gone up from 30p to 50p. "I know! The same at Charing Cross too!" came the reply from someone else in the office.

But not all prices have gone up. In fact, at Cannon Street, it's still completely free to relieve yourself.

With so many discrepancies, we decided to create this graphic, showing the prices of all the toilets at the major London termini stations:

Clapham Junction has so far resisted the increase, and it remains 30p. That said, they're not the easiest toilets to find.

Stratford too has somewhat secreted toilets, but these ones are free. Then again, they've always been closed 'due to vandalism' whenever we've tried to use them.

Of course, with many stations, there are 'cheats' to avoid paying. Not that we in any way condone this, but at Liverpool Street you COULD just nip into the nearby McDonald's or Wetherspoon and avoid paying the 30p.

At King's Cross there's a more legit way of avoiding the 30p fee: nip over to St Pancras and use the free toilets there.

We also noticed that all accessible toilets were always free, but you had to have a Radar key to access them.

Thanks to those who got in touch too to tell us about other stations.

Also check out our article on London's most expensive toilets.

Last Updated 28 March 2017


Another cheat at King's Cross - the Parcel Yard pub's toilets are right above the pay toilets, and several orders of magnitude nicer.

Geoff Marshall

I'd still like to know WHY victoria and charting cross have gone up in price, but the the majority of the others are still at 30p. or are all toilets due to become 50p soon?

Jon Millwood

I would happily pay 50p if they took contactless payment. I hardly ever have cash on me, let alone coins. A few weeks ago I had to ask my Mum for 20p to use the facilities in Regents Park.


Stamford Brook tube - free

Jonathan Wadman

I've only once used the toilets at Stratford, but they were in such a state I reckon the vandals are doing us all a favour.


By the way, there's a secret disused toilet in Victoria, hidden beneath the concourse. It's now bricked up (apart from one access door in the basement), but still has it's change machines. https://londonist.com/2014/08/...


Clapham Junction is 20 not 30p


Last few times I've been at Blackfriars (albeit a couple of months ago), the toilet gates were just left wide open. Are they operational now?

Sean L

Green Park tube 50p.

Greg Tingey

Now you've published this, you can guarantee the free ones won't be for much longer .....

Aidan Stevens

Just jump the barrier, what's the worst that can happen? In the unlikely event that some jobsworth "attendant" confronts you, just pretend to be the ignorant tourist and take a £20 note out of your pocket and shrug your shoulders noncholantly.

Elizabeth Wilson

Last month I used the bathroom in Charing Cross. While the sign said 50p the machine still said and took 30p. The lady seemed confused as to why I was trying to feed it so much.

Leandro Guimarães

In Charing Cross train station you can avoid the 50p!! Just go up and beside Boots, in Amba hotel, walk through reception, on the left (right beside reception) there is a stairs going down to the toilets... or outside the station go to MC Donald's on the right side at the Strand!


Waterloo East has free ones too if you don't mind a little walk from Waterloo


Equally cheap (when barriers aren't involved) to find a train that isn't leaving for a while, and nip on that....Works at Paddington, especially on platform 1!