Forget Subbuteo: Bet You've Never Heard Of Stumpz

Will Noble
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Forget Subbuteo: Bet You've Never Heard Of Stumpz

Everyone's heard of Subbuteo, but what about Stumpz?

This die cast cricket game was around 10 years before the football classic, and is one of a multitude of vintage games now on display at the MCC Museum at Lord's Cricket Ground:

Die-cast figures, Stumpz, 1937, Charles Goodall (designer), Thomas De La Rue & Co (publisher)

A Century of Cricket Games explores how game makers have strived to emulate the complexities of the sport (using everything from flicking a miniature bat and ball to compiling in-depth stats), and how the obsession with the game is ingrained from an early age.

A selection of manual dexterity games made by British manufacturers including Chad Valley Ltd.

Elsewhere in the museum you'll find plenty fascinating curios such as the sparrow killed by a ball bowled by Jahangir Khan in 1936, and the original Ashes urn.

He’s Out!, 1928, Glevum Games

Later this year, the second phase of the exhibition opens, featuring 20th century cricket computer and video games.

Popamatic, 1979, Peter Pan Playthings Limited

The exhibition can be visited as part of a Lord's Tour or free of charge on all major match days to those with a match ticket.

Last Updated 24 March 2016