Cartoon: Decisions, Decisions

By Simon Ellinas Last edited 27 months ago
Cartoon: Decisions, Decisions

Last Updated 18 March 2016

Su Butcher

Great cartoon. Both of these candidates are known for strong opinions. What makes them think that giving us bland central is going to work? Housing is such a huge issue for sustainability and social reasons. Londoners have strong views. They've both been nobbled!

Robert Greig

I am glad that I do not have to select between these two as there does not seem to be a lot of difference in their policies. As a fan of the comical caricature I liked this cartoon comparison.

Sally Smithson

Love this cartoon. Sums the situation up perfectly. More like this, please!

Phil Shepherd

A thousand words in an instant! Really great cartoon - sums it up beautifully.

They're both chasing the 'middle ground (wherever/whatever that is).

It makes for boring politics and slow if not zero progress in civic life.

John Savage

This cartoon sums up the Mayoral election for me - glad I don't live there as I would be one of the question marks!

Peter Kemp

I met Caroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat Mayor candidate today in Crouch End ........ a very able and experienced person, certainly not bland like the other two, and good ideas :) She has been a London Assembly Councillor for 8 years and knows her stuff!


If you sit and wait to be told... yes... if you follow their campaigns you'll get quite a bit more detail.

I was going to vote Zach... but now he's anti-EU, I need to find someone else. Kahn isn't it. Oh dear... my vote is wasted now already.

Jane Hatton

Great cartoon - although I think there is a world of difference between the two!