Video: London's Lost Railways - Mill Hill East To Edgware Branch

Geoff Marshall
By Geoff Marshall Last edited 8 months ago
Video: London's Lost Railways - Mill Hill East To Edgware Branch

Part five in this series takes us on a walk from Mill Hill East to Edgware, following the old single track steam line that was once intended to be part of a Northern line extension.

You can see the previous four videos in the series on the playlist here.

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Last Updated 29 September 2017


Bring it back! And extend it to Borehamwood. Please, Geoff.

Annabel Smyth

Is it just me, or is there something very funny with the sound quality of this video?

Tube Geek

Diamond Geezer walked this in 2013


Tube Geek

Also, in a way it's a shame it was electrified to Mill Hill East, as it would make the Tube Challenge a LOT easier!

Paul Gallagher

I like that the diplomatic "not entirely attractive" meaning bloody awful looking tower block in Edgware.

Tube Geek

Will you do the GWR to Brentford Docks that you mentioned in the ''Canals of London: Part 4'' video a while back?


The section of line that is now a nature reserve (the bit with a sign saying open on the first Sunday of the month), was actually a working railway line in the days of steam. There is still a nearby pub called The Railway. Also, at Brockley Hill roundabout you can still see the remains of a bridge/viaduct that was never completed for the Northern Line.

As far as wishful thinking to actually build the line, I don't k ow how practice that would be with a nature reserve and a fairly recent but substantial housing development (c. 15 years) in the way...