London: City Of Lakes, Forests And Beaches

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London: City Of Lakes, Forests And Beaches


Greater London is not entirely urban. In fact, only around 40% of the city is taken up with tarmac and concrete. The rest is green and blue, with over 1,500 species of flowering plant and great swathes of open space. Some have called for us to be designated a National Park City.

We put together the mock postcard above, to celebrate our city's environmental diversity. All the shots were taken within the capital — not a building in sight.

We're looking for other locations in Greater London where you can make believe you're not inside a major world city. Leave a comment below.

Images in postcard by M@. From top-left clockwise: Riddlesdown, Croydon; Southbank; Harefield, Hillingdon; Epping Forest

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