A First Look At The New Tube Map

Geoff Marshall
By Geoff Marshall Last edited 36 months ago
A First Look At The New Tube Map

Update: TfL has now made the downloadable PDF version live on its website

We've been waiting with bated breath for the new Tube map to hit dispensing racks at all the tube stations — now only a few days away.

There's quite some excitement about it as it includes the largest change to the pocket sized map (still lovingly referred to as The Journey Planner by many) as 28 new stations get added to it in the form of the new Overground Lines.  See the video that we made here a couple of months back to explain the new additions.

But — hang on! It is already out in one printed form, but not in another. Firstly on Twitter, Ben Mathis found a London Rail map that had the lines now in the new colour — but that's still not the Tube Map that you get at Underground stations.

However, TfL has now published the map on its website, which is zoomable and scrollable, but not the downloadable PDF version — and from it, we can see that the changes are pretty as much as we expected:

  • The new Overground lines are indeed coloured orange. There had been some talk that they may appear in different colours, and while there were some prototypes knocking around that had this, someone has overruled this and and insisted that all Overground lines continue to be orange. image2
  • There is a triple-connection-blob at Walthamstow to link up Walthamstow Queen's Road, with the Overground and Tube bits at Walthamstow Central. And yes, it's perfectly in keeping with the logic for how the blobs should be used — but it ain't pretty, is it?image3
  • Hackney Downs to Hackney Central gets a connector blob between these now two Overground stations. A footbridge/path is currently being built between the pair, and should be finished in the new few weeks.
  • Ooh! That's new — a connector blob between Wanstead Park and Forest Gate — the latter of course now appearing on the line that is ...
  • ... TfL Rail! What will become Crossrail eventually, in a 'cased' blue line — and we hovered our RGB-colour-scanning-software over the pixels, and it tells us that yes, it's the same shade of blue as the Piccadilly Line
  • Romford to Emerson Park is also on there connecting up TfL Rail with the District Line at Upminster.
  • Seven Sisters to South Tottenham though does not get a connection blob, but intriguingly does on the London Rail map, which puts South Tottenham in a different place so that it can manage this.
  • There are now two Bethnal Green stations — one on the Central Line and one on the Overground. That's going to lead to some confusion, isn't it?image1
  • A final thing that may not be obvious is there's now a second bend in the Central Line. The line that was so perfectly straight through the middle had a bend put into it many years ago, to enable Bank and Monument to be closer to each other — there's now a second one of these between Notting Hill Gate and Bond Street, and it can only be due to Crossrail, as this significant change will make it easier to incorporate the purple- coloured line when it joins the map in a couple of years time.

Did we miss anything? Have a look for yourself, and let us know in the comments.

Last Updated 20 May 2015


I feel as though there really should be some shading on the Romford - Upminster line, a la District line to Kensington Olympia. Seeing as the line only runs every half hour - and not at all in late evenings or Sundays, it seems odd to give it the same status on the map as other lines which provide a 'turn up and go' service.

Talking of which... not sure if this is deliberate or not, but the District Line branch to Kensington Olympia is missing from the map on the TfL site.


Is it just me that's disappointed that there's no Tramlink? I know the arguments against them which are valid but it does just leave London looking very top heavy. I mean, no one can say that having Romford-Upminster on the map is more important that the tram which connects Wimbledon and Croydon amongst other places. Is there a huge difference between Tramlink and the DLR?

A different Mark

I think you may mean 'Seven Sisters to South Tottenham doesn't get a connection', rather than Tottenham Hale. I think Seven Sisters is the closer one, but could be wrong.

Geoff Marshall

There's a poster size map now up on the platforms of Marble Arch:



There are already two Edgware Roads, now there are two Bethnal Greens. There are two Brixtons on the connections map.


WTF is the actual connection between Hackney Downs and Hackney Central? And how misleading to show one being Wheelchair-friendly when the other so is NOT.


Walthamstow Central to Queen's Rd is an utter joke! It requires a very long walk through an estate, inc. crossing roads.

Geoff Marshall

The PDF version is now online! Here:


Andrew Furlow

It is bizarre that no south London rail services are shown, Overground aside - this map suggests that the best way to get to New Cross from London Bridge, say, is rather circuitous...

James Brownsell

The blob at Walthamstow Central is to show that there's wheelchair access to the "overground/TfL Rail/CrossRail" line, but no wheelchair access to the Victoria line.

God knows why they'd show it as linking to Queen's Road, though - it's probably a half-mile away...


“There are now two Bethnal Green stations — one on the Central Line and one on the Overground.” There have always been two of them—BET just didn’t appear on the tube map along with ZBE.

John Bingham-Hall

Can't cope with the representation of the Emirates Air Line. A single little car floating abandoned? A dotted line or something surely to show the connection

John Bingham-Hall

Also makes it even clearer how much TfL hate south London

Swen Johansson

Thanks a lot Geoff Marshall for wonderful videos "secrets" of the Tube lines!
Greetings from Sweden, - I miss London <3, will back soon!

Joe O'Malley

Seems a bit redundant having to print loads of maps when it is going to change again at the end of the year when Stratford moves to Zone 2...

Ciaran Goggins

So they didn't take up my suggestion to rename Tottenham Hale "Slut Central" after my ex moved there?


It looks like the previous version was the same, but when did the interchange symbols and limited-service links on the Northern Line at Finchley Central and Kennington disappear?

Andrew Jarman

The Emerson Park part of the map is wrong as its only Mon to Sat at the moment UNLESS they have arranged a Sunday service from the 31st May?

Thomas Wood

Zone 9 is now looking a little more happy with another station.


Yes but no but yes but it's not the Overground but "TfL Rail" if you please


"we hovered our RGB-colour-scanning-software over the pixels"

You mean Microsoft Paint? :D

Stephen Hartley

One necessary interchange that hasn't happened yet is Leytonstone High Rd & Leytonstone Station. By resiting the EastbounD sic! platform of Leytonstone Station a connection to Leytonstone High Road station would be easy to construct, thereby providing good connections from SW Essex & LB Redbridge across the Lea to North London.

Alex Gollner

The following are some more differences, but in design, not content:

Woolwich Arsenal has moved to the right, so that DLR branch has a southbound kink after King George V.

The Uxbridge branch has been shortened relative to the Amersham and Heathrow branches.

Park Royal has been moved closer to where the Piccadilly and Central lines cross

Watford isn't as 'far north' as Chalfont & Latimer

The stations between Green Park and South Kensington are less equally spaced: Hyde Park Corner is closer to Green Park than before.

The London Overground now goes under the Jubilee, Victoria, Piccadilly, Northern and Central lines.

In the west there is less space between the Acton Town to Rayners Lane branch of the Piccadilly line and the Willesden Junction to South Acton part of the London Overground.

There is more space between the northern ends of the Jubilee and Bakerloo lines.

Elephant & Castle is closer to Kennington.

Aldgate East is no longer east or Aldgate - the kink in the H&C is less extreme.

The western end of the part of Zone 4 near Mordern station has a different shape.

Clapham High Street and Clapham North are closer together.

The London Overground is further away from Brixton

The ends of the London Overground at Clapham Junction are no longer vertically aligned, they are diagonally aligned - making the line look less continuous than it did.


Given there's a wheelchair symbol for quality disability access, how about a converse symbol that shows the nightmare stations. Like, for example, Kensal Green with its 46 steps from platform to street and widely disparate carriage running heights as it is served by both Bakerloo (with carriage level below platform height) and Overground (with carriage level above platform height). Getting off a train at Wembley Central is no joy even with the lift from platform to street level (when it works) given the trains can run with almost a one foot drop to platform level. And nobody sane tries to change trains at Elephant & Castle. TfL seems to be doing the easy stations ahead of the tougher propositions on the Bakerloo line, perhaps hoping they'll just go away.

Fewer underground cathedrals please (a la Jubilee) and more stations that, no fuss, just work.


There are two completely separate stations at Bethnal Green (one central line, one a normal train line) which are about 10 mins walk apart - hence the two stations on the map....


I picked up the new Pocket Tube Map yesterday (it has a London Underground clock in the cover and is dated May 2015) It doesn't have the new kink on the Central Line. In reading Alex Gollner's comments they don't appear to have made it to the pocket map either. But it does have the TfL Rail and new Overground stations shown

Lego KingsCastle

It's very confusing having loads of little wheelchair symbols why can't they just colour code the stations?


as a non-Londoner with an Oyster card the interchange issue raises a question which perhaps a regular tube user can answer. I know that if I make a journey between A to B, changing at, say Oxford Circus, Oyster treats this as one journey as I don't have to 'bip' in & out at OxC, but if I interchange (as the map suggests) at Forest Gate/Wanstead Park, Walthamstow Central/Queen's Road, (or indeed Bow Church DLR/Bow Road), does oyster treat that as 2 journeys as i'd have to 'bip' in and out at street level?

If it does, then I don't think any of these stations should be shown as 'interchanges' on the tube map, as this is misleading in terms of cost.