Video: New Thameslink Trains Revealed

Geoff Marshall
By Geoff Marshall Last edited 37 months ago
Video: New Thameslink Trains Revealed

New trains are coming to the Thameslink line, and Londonist got an exclusive look at one of those already built by Siemens in Germany. Geoff Marshall welcomes you aboard for a test drive.

Last Updated 09 April 2015

Dave K

You even got to drive it Geoff!
They do look very interesting units, I hope they improve the journey for those that use them. I must geek out and get photos of the 319s before they go!
Nice glasses btw.


...but what were the results of your 'lying on the floor' door comparison? Did you decide against lying on the floor of an in-service Thameslink train? :)

Alan Rolph

It looks as though there are less seats in the new carriages.


We don't have 319's on our trains we have 377's. So these will be a downgrade on most routes. The tiny seats will only fit ultra skinny people and there are no armrests either or seat back tables for coffee or to allow you to work on.Also leg space is reduced.

For trains running on Inter City routes like London to Brighton or London to Cambridge they are totally unsuitable.

Don't fall for the hype these are metro trains on intercity services

Disgruntled regular traveller

There is no point buying new trains if Thameslink keep cancelling trains because there are no drivers, if trains keep whizzing through stations they are supposed to stop at and if the indicator boards repeatedly say on Sundays that there are replacement bus services when, in fact, there are not because the trains are running, un-signposted, from a totally different area of St Pancras. Might be nice trains. Catastrophic service.


30 years old? That's new if you have to use DelayedFGWâ„¢ trains in the Thames Valley. 50-year-old slam-door HST diesels and three-car Turbos approaching 40 years old. Toilets that flush crap right on the tracks ("Please don't flush in the station - we prefer to cover customers on intermediate platforms with a fine spary of faeces") 3rd-world stuff

Josef Dunne

They will be a huge improvement! When they are introduced next year, what route will they be running along first? I understand the core, but up and down to where? Thameslink should go on the tube map along with Crossrail since it will be so frequent.


I dont give a crap what they look like! We need them more frequently and on time! My service arrives at Tooting on time but I have yet to see it get to City Thameslink on time and the crush is unreal.