Celebrating 50 Years Of The London Boroughs

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Celebrating 50 Years Of The London Boroughs

London became Greater by the creation of 20 outer boroughs, and 12 inner boroughs in addition to the City of London, thanks to the London Government Act 1963.

London Councils have produced a short film looking at how the boroughs have shaped London life. The video depicts different council responsibilities from libraries to environmental health, housing improvements to nurseries, through clips dating from 1967 to 1994.

The footage may look vintage but many issues are still alarmingly relevant. In the opening 1966 film, we hear that "housing is perhaps London's most urgent problem" and Southwark's 1988 film about the budget tells a sadly familiar tale, "local government means caring about people ... but we face severe financial difficulties".

Last Updated 01 August 2016

Sutton Council

Sutton has lots going on too! We have info and a bunch of interesting history (did you know the borough was almost called Sutton Carew or South Wall-Car?!) on our website: http://www.newsroomsutton.co.u...

Beth Williams

What is the point of all these borough councils? New York functions well with 5 yet London has 32!


the Post Office still thinks Bromley is in Kent even though the borough takes its name from the town!

Ruth Colvin

Southwark is contributing an event on 9 & 10 May,to the Dulwich Festival.

Graham Miller

Now that we are all voting for a single mayor, isn't it time that we acknowledged that we are part of a single London? It frustrates me that so many residents of Kingston, Romford, and Enfield aren't aware that they have been living in London for the last 50 years because the PO keeps the fantasy of old counties alive.

John Croxen

Is it really 50 years? I was working as an Articled Clerk with the Borough of Ealing from 1961 to 1963 and worked as an Assistant Solicitor with the new London Borough of Ealing.