50 Years Of Hounslow: Then And Now Video

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50 Years Of Hounslow: Then And Now Video

This then-and-now film celebrates Hounslow's 50th anniversary.

The council has mashed up vintage film The First Stage: Hounslow — a New Borough (produced in 1965 to help pull together the communities of Feltham, Heston and Isleworth, Brent and Chiswick) with contemporary footage of locals and council officers saying happy birthday to the borough.

It's a slow start but get through the first two minutes of bins and the M4 and you'll encounter a quick comic dramatisation of what life might be like without the borough's services. The modern bit begins about three minutes in, spliced up with the history of the borough and how things have changed. We particularly like the beginning of the Progress section where the Treasurer's department takes delivery of its first computer which has to be lifted on a scaffold through the office window because it's so massive.

Want to see more of old Hounslow? Watch the full 17 minute 1965 film The First Stage: Hounslow — a New Borough at London's Screen Archives.

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Last Updated 27 April 2015

Mike Paterson

Mr Hounslow reporting in. That video clip was great fun, exp the computer bit as you point out. I like the lady survey person with the clipboard and the posh voice talking to the householder answering the door wearing a tie! Standards.

On the down-side. In 1965 exactly we lost our gorgeous Vestry Hall in Brentford, by local architect Nowell Parr, circa 1906 I think. It was replaced by a disgusting monstrosity of a police station which is today an empty hulk that nobody will touch with a bargepole. Then in the early 80s the iconic Firestone Factory on the A4 was demolished one weekend by unscrupulous developers (plus ca change) while Hounslow Council was having a snooze.

Those individually numbered street lamps in the movie weren't that special, it's true, but now mostly replaced by exceeding ugly LED items that are just horrid. In addition our high streets are festooned with unnecessary horrible street furniture and signage everywhere. That's a general thing, though not just Hounslow.

To-day, high rise blocks of flats are growing like knot-weed all along the Chiswick Flyover and Brentford river front, with no addition of schools, clinics or other amenities as far as I know.

I don't really get these celebrations of the 1965 changes in local government, councils are using it to point at themselves and tell us what a great job they're doing. All 1965 achieved was the abolition of ancient Middlesex: I'm not buying.

Sally West

No football club or cricket club in Hounslow,the council sadly failed to support these local institutions,I dont see how they take any credit for Glaxo they would have probably sold that as well if they owned it.