Video: Where Baileys Gets Its Name From

Geoff Marshall
By Geoff Marshall Last edited 28 months ago
Video: Where Baileys Gets Its Name From

Whether or not you drink Baileys Irish cream, chances are you've heard of it. And you'd guess the name has some kind of Irish connotation, wouldn't you? Not so, explains Mark Mason.

Mark is the author of Walk The Lines and website The Importance of Being Trivial. He can be found on Twitter @WalktheLinesLDN

Last Updated 26 February 2016

Plastic Paddy?

I heard that Baileys Irish Cream was a result of a collaboration between the Distillers company and Northern Dairies. One had the alcohol and the other had surplus dairy by-product. I guess the marketing team met, came up with name and lo and behold - a brand was created with a fake Irish heritage to appeal to lady drinkers.

My information is apocryphal, based on a conversation with a marketing guy. Anyone know if it is accurate?