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London’s Best Fish And Chips

London’s Best Fish And Chips
Kerbisher & Malt

It’s one of London’s best known and most loved dishes, and quite possibly the greatest coupling of all time. But it’s also one of the hardest to get right. As such, London’s finest fried fish is lost in an ocean of greasy mediocrity, and its chips in a sea of sogginess.

But like pearls in oysters, a good chippy does appear once in a while — one where the fish is always fresh, the batter crunchy and the chips fluffy. Here’s our pick of those pearls, all of which offer decent dining-in options as well as takeaway...

Bonnie Gull

Both the Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack in Fitzrovia have fish and chips on the menu — beer battered North Sea haddock and beef dripping chunky chips, to be exact. The batter is made using a Japanese tempura mix making it seriously crispy, while we found the fish within to be firm, meaty and moist. Homemade ketchup and mushy peas are final flourishes, while the seaside-style decor sets the scene perfectly.
Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack, 21a Foley Street, W1W 6DS (alas, the Exmouth Market branch is no more).

Deliveroo now from Fitzrovia

Bonnie Gull

Fish Central

This old-school Clerkenwell institution appears to have barely changed in all its years of existence (it opened in 1968), and that’s a very good thing. It’s all about the fish — serving a range that spans grilled sardines, oysters and lobster — and as a consequence deals only in the freshest of the stuff. It really shows through in the flaky, moist and sweet-tasting cod that gently steams within a light but crunchy batter. The chunky chips are very decent too, but there are mixed reports on the rest of the menu (we've only tried the fish and chips).
Fish Central, 49-151 Central Street, EC1V 8AP

The Fish Club

There are many variations on fish and chips, and sheer choice is the biggest strength of this restaurant with branches in Clapham and Battersea. As well as selecting from an array of freshly delivered fish — from sardines and mackerel to bream and sole — customers can decide if they’d like it pan-fried, grilled, baked or deep-fried. Sustainability is another strength, which is why it’s coley — not cod or haddock — that takes top billing. It’s just as moist and flaky, and a seaside-worthy success when coated in a crisp beer batter and served alongside pert double-cooked chips. We’d highly recommend some smoked sprats on the side.
The Fish Club, 57 Clapham High Street, SW4 7TG

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The Fish Club, 140 St John's Hill, SW11 1SL

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Golden Union Fish Bar

Golden Union Fish Bar

This sleek and modern-looking Soho chippie uses a carefully planned blend of oils for frying, sourced only sustainable fish, and serves battered halloumi. Its fish is among the flakiest, well-seasoned and highly-flavoured we’ve tried, that its batter is reliably crisp and chewy, and that the chips are soft and fluffy. A combination of quality and its central location will be to blame for a large cod and chips costing a steep £13.50, but it is worth it.

Golden Union Fish Bar, 38 Poland Street, W1F 7LY

Kerbisher & Malt

Another gastro-chippie group, there are Kerbisher restaurants in Brook Green, Clapham, Ealing and Mortlake. Fat crisp chips (possibly the best on this list), pleasantly chewy batter and proper mushy peas all go in its favour, while the freshness of the fish being served is unquestionable. We also like its breezy seaside vibe, though you’re at no risk of being pooped on by a seagull.
Kerbisher & Malt, various locations



To say that it’s styled so as to “recreate East End London between 1945 and 1955” makes Poppies sound much more gimmicky than it is. Though its retro leanings may have contributed to the popularity of its Spitalfields site — and the subsequent opening of another one in Camden — it's the fish and chips that make it. Thickish, crunchy batter encases fat fillets of fresh flaky fish, which comes direct from Billingsgate, and fried seafood platters are also treated well. Accompanying chunky chips are of the archetypal ‘chip shop’ variety: not too crunchy, but strongly flavoured and fluffy — the fact they come in (fake) newspaper is a nice touch, too.
Poppies, Camden, Soho and Spitalfields

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Sutton & Sons

Sutton & Sons

Danny Sutton — who runs this Stoke Newington favourite — also has a fishmongers in the area, so the high quality and reliable freshness of fish is no surprise. But while it’s the fat, flaky fillets of moist cod encased in crunchy and chewy batter that earn Sutton & Sons a place in this list, that’s just the start of it. From its faux-rustic beach shack interior to the chirpy, chatty service and range of local craft beers it has the whole deal. You also need to try Mrs Sutton’s range of pickles — choose from quail eggs, shallots or red onion rings — and if you still have room she makes a mean sticky toffee pudding, too.
Sutton & Sons, 90 Stoke Newington High Street, N16 7NY. Branches in Islington and Hackney Central too.


Voted best fish and chip shop in the UK more than once, this Muswell Hill chippie — which has been around since 1968 — is something pretty special. There’s nothing particularly fancy about it, just the highly sought-after holy trinity of crunchy and grease-free batter, fresh and juicy fish, and crisp and fluffy chips. We can’t beat this one.
Toff’s, 38 Muswell Hill Broadway, N10 3RT

Also try:

Fish House: Superior fish and chips near Victoria Park
The Fish House of Notting Hill: Unrelated to the previous, this restaurant just off Portobello may be touristy but the fish and chips are no less excellent for it
Masters Super Fish: A good value favourite in Waterloo
North Sea Fish Restaurant: This class chippy in Bloomsbury has a claim to fame in that it’s one of the landmarks cabbies have to learn when passing The Knowledge
Oliver’s: Mediterranean-influenced chippie in Belsize Park
Seafresh: Very large portions of very fresh fish in Pimlico
The Seashell of Lisson Grove: Fish is panko breadcrumbed for extra crunchiness at this Marylebone spot

If you know of any high calibre chippies that we’ve missed (maybe your local) then let us know in the comments below so we can consider adding them to the list.

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Rock & Sole Plaice on Endell Street!

Lep Recorn

brockley's rock


Poppies is my favourite - including their strange unbranded cousin 'The Chicken and Fish Shop' - best chips for miles around - beside Shadwell Overground/DLR station, but I'd also put in a word for Kennedy's in Islington (and Streatham).


What about [insert chip shop name] you incompetent hacks! Of all the chip ships you didn't name the one I like!


I second the Brockley Rocks best chippy i've been to for years


Hook Camden! And hearing good things about Sutton & Sons...


do you know off any gluten free fish n chip shops in London!

Jeff Howells

I'd suggest Kennedys in Streatham


Londonist you need to get out and try lure fish kitchen in Dartmouth park nw5 as you can't have an article on London fish places without mentioning such a jem.. Try it and see !!


McDermott's in Forestdale, Croydon. the awards are deserved.


Says a lot about the sad decline of the Fryer's Delight that it's mentioned neither in the article nor by any commenter. Rightly so, if my past two visits are anything to go by. It still looks anachronistically charming, but the fish and chips were merely average.


What about Fish Cafe, Hampstead?

Suze E

West Drayton Fish Bar, 14 sipson road west drayton...lol inside the m25 counts as london doesnt it??!!

The Old Cod

The Dining Plaice on Berwick Street Market is better than Golden Union.
GU's chips are hard and tasteless. The menu is very over priced.

Seafresh in Pimlico is a great little place.

Sad to say the south isn't great at Chiipy's in general but there are a few ok joints around.

Rick Jackson

Micky's Fish Bar
29 Norfolk Place London W2 1QH

Adam Grimsley

Poppies is the best, I should know I'm a fish.

Ronnie May

I would be happy just to find a F&C shop that had rock eel to go instead of having to wait for it to be cooked and I live in the East End - the home of Chips with fish!


Bailey's Fish and Chips at Fulham


I'm amazed Hook Camden isn't on this list, innovative and great quality ingredients


Tried toffs, fish house and kerbisher and honestly speaking I would not go back even for free. Sutton & Sons are pretty good, the Fish & Chips shop is fantastic too. There's a great little f&c stall in Chelsea, Duke of York Sq. - their fish is the best i've ever tried. There's always a super long queue but it's well worth the wait.


Also Maddy's Fish bar in New Cross is a new breed of fish and chip shop. Sustainable sources, organic specialist spuds for to die for chips! And most of the fried fish is GF with their unique batter!


Sutton & Sons in Stokey and now Boxpark!


Brady's Restaurant and Bar
Jews Row

Len R.

Fins & Trotters

Mark Patrick Norris

Kennedy's Fish and Chips
5 Leigham Court Road
London SW16 2ND

Ben Norum

I've just added Sutton & Sons to the list. I will continue to try out more of the suggestions when I get the chance and add in if they make the grade.

Julie Green

Skipjacks in Queensbury Circus… and I live south of the river!


Windmill Fish Bar Kennington and Kenndey's Fish and Chips in Streatham, two of the best places in South London.


No Fryer's Delight? For shame.


Good fish and chips in London oxymoronic. Skin left on because owners too lazy/tight to remove it and chips cooked in vegetable oil. Only one answer, cook your own or go north where it's done properly and not at rip off prices. And before you ask I'm a Londoner born and bred and haven't emigrated to the north.

Herbert Sherbet

The Nautilus Fish Bar on Fortune Green Road in West Hampstead uses matzo batter - crisp, crunchy and delicious.

James Needham

Don't bother with the Fish House near victoria park some of the worst fish and chips I have ever had seem to have been founded with the purpose of demonstrating the myth that you cannot get decent fish and chips in London. Quality fish ruined in cheap batter, served with a side of soggy undercooked chips.

I normally go to Poppies eating at the fish house was so awful I felt I was being punished for treachery.


MYCHIPPY.COM, 55 Main Avenue, Bush Hill Park, Enfield, London EN1 1DS.

Fergun Connell

I'm quite a sucker for good chips. I'm sure I can find good chips out of London, too. Like in Liverpool and Manchester.

Charlie Stevenson

I've no idea why Toff's gets so much praise heaped on it - I live around the corner and have given it three chances; each time the food was rubbish. Thick, soggy batter and anaemic chips. It's crap!


Happy Days, Goulston St. This is the best chippy I've found in London and I'm northern.

Jim Morvay

I'm a bit disappointed that The Sherlock Holmes Restaurant wasn't here. Aside from the obvious, this place has a great menu, which includes an incredible Fish & Chips meal. Their fish tends to always be bigger than the plate, fried up crispy on the outside but very tender and flaky fish inside. Their chips are done up just right as well.

Dr Emily Moor

The Laughing Halibut on Strutton Ground. A proper old skool chippy, queues go round the corner at lunchtime, and no bollocks about "Craft-beer batter" in Shoreditch hangouts.

Andrew Simeou

Pauls Fish Bar on the Bath Road in Cranford really surprised me with the quality of their fish and the standard of their take away service. Very impressive.

Deirdre Shaw

I'm sad to see that Geale's of Notting Hill is not rated. Back in the day, it was wonderful. Has the standard dropped?

Tony Kiernan

What we need to know: Which one's do proper mushy peas? i.e. No bloody mint in them

John Pannell

I love Skipjacks Fish and Chip shop in Harrow, HA3 9BY. They have two sections - takeaway and restaurant. I'm told all fish is fresh, nothing frozen plus everything main on premise.

Bruce Fielding

THE best fish and chip shop in northwest London, without a shadow of a doubt, is the Nautilus in West Hampstead. The fish are huge and fresh, the chips are light and fluffy, and the staff are a delight. I live around the corner from Poppies, and will drive the mile to go to the Nautilus. It's also been there for years so you know the quality isn't an overnight sensation. https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/...


Golden Fish in Dagenham. Award winning fish and chip shop complete with retro Formica tables.

Philip kendall

Lure fish kitchen, Dartmouth park

Sanj Hennessy Kalsi

My local needs to be included. Heston Fish Bar in TW5. Has been in the same location since the early 70's. Queues lined up outside the shop on weekends as it gets that busy. Some of the best fish I've eaten from a chippy.


brockley's rock


Bonners fish bar, Walthamstow


Has the Golden Hind on Marylebone Lane closed down then? Always been the best in my experience.
Cannons in Southgate worth a mention and I've never had a bad meal at Poppies in Camden Town.


Flying fish in camberwell!


If in the deep 'leafy' south try Bromley Fish and Chips at 22 High Street, Bromley, BR1 1EA - over the road from Bromley South railway station.


Nautilus on Fortune Green Road in West Hampstead NW6 and Two Brothers on Regents Park Road in North Finchley N3. But actually the best fish and chips are to be had in the fishing ports in the south west where tomorrow's fish is still in the sea.

Melissa Rand

Baracuda fish bar Upminster! The crispiest most freshest fish and gorgeous restaurant right next to the station

Roman A. Masaryk

What about WP FISH X CHIPS on King Street, Hammersmith?

Nicole Hugo

The Chipping Forecast, Notting Hill. Damn fine fayre !