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Video: Brighten Your Day With These Little London Victories

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Video: Brighten Your Day With These Little London Victories

Over the past two weeks we've been asking for your little London victories. Takeaway champions JUST EAT challenged us to collect some great examples of those little London victories against the daily grind that make your day a little better. And make you want to do a 'mini fist-pump'!

From tube triumphs to random acts of kindness, successful direction-giving and skilful crowd-dodging we've been quietly celebrating hundreds of your little wins on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Compiled into this video are some of our favourites.

And the most popular by far? Lining up your tube carriage door with the nearest exit. A tiny moment of pleasure that gives many of you immediate and disproportionate joy as you skip out the train and up the escalators way ahead of your fellow passengers. Result!

Thanks to everyone who put forward their suggestions.

This little London victories project is sponsored by JUST EAT.

Last Updated 10 December 2014