London Gift Guide: Secrets Of The Underground DVD

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London Gift Guide: Secrets Of The Underground DVD

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Secrets of the Underground

Geoff Marshall's Secrets of the Underground videos are now available as a totally Tube-tastic DVD just in time for Christmas.

It includes the whole Secrets of the Underground series re-edited and polished up, bonus Docklands Light Railway video, PLUS a whole new, exclusive abandoned tube stations film (12 minutes long) — currently only available on this DVD — and 20 minutes of outtakes and extras for the super-fans.

Here's Geoff to tell you more:

This marvellous DVD costs £12 per copy.It is region-free and can be played anywhere in the world.

Please note that we are no longer selling the DVDs through our website. If you're interested in getting a copy, you can find Secrets of the Underground DVD on sale both at London Transport Museum shop and Museum of London shop.

For any question, please email

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Last Updated 20 November 2014

Buddy Campbell


Fabian Bjurkvist

Bought it today :D Arrival time? :)


You can do that, right? Pick it up on the same day?

David Rogers


If the DVD is anything like the A & C to S that is on sale at the LTM then it will be a WINNER

Geoff Marshall

It's also unlocked/region-free meaning it will play anywhere in the world, for those that asked. thanks! Geoff.

Dan Morrison

Is there going to be a download version?

Dan Morrison

Is it 32 minutes long?

Geoff Marshall

The 11 tube lines plus DLR video (all re-edited) is 1 hour 4 minutes long. There are then 20 minutes of out-takes, and the new abandoned stations video is 12 minutes long. I make that 1 hour and 36 minutes in total!

Emma Doran

We are coming to London tomorrow. Would it be ready to collect or are they not available yet?

James M

What is the price for Rest of the world Post for this DVD?
Thank James M


Hi there, could I pop in on Wednesday 3rd and buy/collect then?


Is the video format NTSC or PAL? Even if a DVD is region-free, I've had difficulty playing it in the U.S. if it's in European PAL format.


no sg shipping

Fabian Bjurkvist

Any date for arriving in Sweden?

Amanda Lye

Good morning, just wondering if you have started dispatching DVDs and how long I could be waiting?


Would it be possible to buy a digital copy?

Emma Doran

Any sign of these yet? I ordered one of these a while ago and it hasn't arrived yet.

El Gordo

are you in the office tomorrow so i can pick one up?


Hi Geoff - are there any of these DVDs left in stock please. Apologies, I only came across this site this week otherwise would have ordered earlier.

Owen Chua Yee Tat

I wish one copy could be given to me because I am In Singapore and I wanted to watch it

Luke Parris

How can I orded the DVD

Kai Michael Poppe

Hi! LT Museum shop is out of stock on this lovely DVD. I'm coming to London in April from Germany - is there any way to get this DVD anywhere else whilst I'm over with you?
Pls reply to @kmpoppe


I really liked the video's on YouTube, nice presentation Geoff! I would like to buy the DVD. At the end of this month I will visit London. Hope to visit some interesting underground locations and disused stations. The DVD is not on stock anymore at the London and LT museum. Is there any possibility to get this DVD? A digital download is also fine. Regards, Bob (from Holland).


Hi, just found this. Is it possible you could sell it as a download via iTunes or Vimeo?