Chocolate Week Culminates In Chocolate Fashion Show

Laura Reynolds
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Chocolate Week Culminates In Chocolate Fashion Show

The Chocolate Show

We're the first to admit it: these (predominantly American) days and weeks dedicated to the most specific of foodstuffs can get pretty ridiculous (Baked Alaska Day anyone?). Chocolate Week, however, is something we can definitely sink our teeth into.

Chocolate Week runs from 13-19 October, and whilst we're sure there'll be plenty going on in London to mark the auspicious occasion, we're particularly drawn to The Chocolate Show, taking place at Olympia from 17-19 October.

Salon du Chocolat (as the Chocolate Show is also known) brings together chocolate brands from around the UK and across the globe, giving those who are coco-loco a chance to address all their dark (and milk) vices under one roof.

As well as a chance to stock up on sweet treats, there are demonstrations, talks, and interactive workshops from renowned chocolatiers and chefs, plus a dedicated tasting room.

But the pinnacle of the week — and the bit we're most intrigued about — is the chocolate fashion show, for which chocolatiers and fashion designers have collaborated to create outfits made from, and inspired by, chocolate.

To get an idea of what to expect, this promo video — featuring shoes, daggers and even wings made from chocolate — is worth a watch.

The Chocolate Show takes place at Olympia on 17-19 October. Tickets are £8-15 and can be booked here.

Like chocolate? (Silly question if you've got this far) How many of London's best chocolate shops have you been to?

Last Updated 03 October 2014


This is actually quite interesting. The dress designs are rather amazing given the fact that they are based on chocolate. Who would have thought that truffles would make a good dress? Besides, who could say no to chocolate? It definitely is much easier on the eyes and the stomach than Gaga's meat dress.

Fashion and Frappes

Little confused - the fashion show is on 16th according to their website but the event starts from 17th? How can we see the fashion show?