Where To Booze Over The Bank Holiday?


Photo by markdbaynham, in the Londonist Flickr pool.

The bank holiday is here, which means you can enjoy three hangovers for the price of two. But where to spend the day before the morning after?

Our Best Pubs in London site now has over 260 of the capital’s finest drinking venues reviewed, photographed and neatly ordered for all your boozy needs. It’s growing all the time, but what we already have so far should tide you over for the next few days (drink responsibly, folks).

Unlike most pub sites, we don’t attempt to be comprehensive. Instead we include only the places that we think are the best in their areas. In most cases, this is because you’ve told us so in one of our frequent polls. And although we absolutely trust your judgement, we usually go and visit your recommended haunts soon after, just to make sure we like them too. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

You can also use the site to find a good pub tailored to your needs. If you’re looking for a place that hosts a pub quiz, just check the option in the search bar. If you’re seeking pubs with live sport, there’s an option for that too. Actually, there are lots and lots of options.

Most recently, we asked you to vote on the best pub in Dulwich. You told us, and once we’ve been on our pub crawl of the area next month (to which you are most cordially invited), we’ll be adding in some of these boozers. In the meantime, explore the database’s recommendations for everywhere from Acton and Balham to Victoria and Wandsworth.

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  • Nigel Geffen

    OK – here’s the sort of challenge that Londonist people rarely (if ever) fail to answer well… I’m hoping to find a pleasant[*] London pub for tomorrow (Saturday) that not only does a good brunch but will also be showing the Twenty20 cricket semi-finals (starting from 11am, and only on Sky). Any suggestions? Preferably reasonably central, but happy to travel far and wide for the right pub!

    [*NB I’ve asterisked “pleasant” because even though I enjoy watching sport, like pubs, and enjoy watching sport in pubs, I’m happy to accept that showing sport in pubs generally makes them less pleasant…]

    • http://londonist.com/ Lindsey Clarke

      Moon on a stick, Nigel? Heh. Cricket is the tough call. It’s not on the database yet but the Hoop and Grapes on Farringdon Road is a cricket pub (so says Matchpint) and me and Matt were there for beers the other week and found it rather good.

      • Nigel Geffen

        Hi Lindsey,
        Many thanks! (I didn’t realise that you answered all queries from all Londoners on all London issues personally – I thought you had a staff of thousands to do that for you!)
        Good recommendation! I’ve just given them a call, and they say they’ll be open from 11am (when the Surrey v Birmingham/Warwickshire semi-final starts), and will be showing it, so I’ll be going to watch that, at least.
        (Anyone else interested who wants to come, please note that they *won’t* be doing food (as it’s a Bank Holiday weekend) but won’t object if people bring their own snacks/sandwiches.)

        • Wilko

          If that doesn’t work out the Water Poet in Spitalfields usually show cricket. Even though there will be football on too, there are a number of different rooms so the cricket should stay on in one of them.

          • Nigel Geffen

            Thanks, Wilko – I haven’t been there for a while, but that’s a good pub, and I didn’t know it was a cricket pub. Fallback option sorted!

        • http://londonist.com/ Lindsey Clarke