Video: Secrets Of The DLR

Geoff Marshall
By Geoff Marshall Last edited 20 months ago
Video: Secrets Of The DLR

Just because we've done all the tube lines, doesn't mean we've finished uncovering the secrets of the trains in London...

In this video, Geoff rides around on the Docklands Light Railway.

Find out: which station sits right on the Meridian Line; where trains leave for London in the wrong direction... and which stations have platforms that are never used.

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Last Updated 17 October 2016

Geoff Marshall

Amazing photos here of how Island Gardens station used to look, elevated up on the viaduct with the 'Dome' entrance to match the one at Tower Gateway:

Nick Bain

You should try to get the right hand seat, as the DLR operator can hoof you out of the left hand seat if they need to actual control the train eg when it goes through a tunnel


So why did they build Platform 3?


As a regular user of the DLR I'm aware that Heron Quays is physically closer to Canary Wharf Junioee line, however you will have to change trains at Canary Wharf DLR to get to Heron Quays so usually actually easier to just walk the extra 50 metres.


Surprised the TBM cutter head at Cutty Sark didn't get a mention, or is it no longer there?

Dave K

Another interesting video Geoff, thanks! Never noticed the meridian line before!

Bill McGarry

also surprised the derailment at Island gardens wasn't mentioned either when it was still using the old platforms

Gillian Lawrence

loved the video

Gillian Lawrence

when DLR was originally being built was there as much fuss made as current Crossrail?


I think the first and last carriage doors should put a label clearly stating which stations they doors DO NOT OPEN.


Don't know if anyone has mentioned but the reason the ticket office is closed on a Saturday afternoon at London City Airport is because between 12pm Saturday and 12pm Sunday, there are no planes

Annabel Smyth

Great video, as usual! Love this series - hope the Overground is up next. I'm geeky enough to have visited the old Pudding Mill Lane station on its last day of operation, and the new one on its first....

marrie c

"Terrible Beatles song titles"? What's wrong with them?!

Also the Beckton westbound/eastbound thing isn't exactly a secret for people who use the DLR.

Geoff Marshall

Ok, the video's been online for over a week now ... and NO ONE spotted what i did with the captions on purpose. Honestly, I go to all the effort ...


Have you done London Overground?


Platform 3 is not a leftover from the original line. Although carto meteo shows the right location, it was not at this level. When the DLR first opened, Mudchute station was elevated - it was situated at the north end of the brick viaduct mentioned in the video. That original station was completely demolished (and the East Ferry road realigned) to allow the tunnel to be constructed for the Lewisham extention.
All of the current Mudchute station was constructed as new build (at a lower level than the prior station) when the line was realigned and extended to Lewisham.
I've been on trains from platform 3. It's not frequent - but it does happen.