Free Weekend Cycle Hire To Mark 4th Anniversary

cycle hireThe Barclays Cycle Hire scheme is celebrating its fourth birthday by going free for the weekend of 16-17 August.

Non-members will have free access for 24 hours, including as many rides as you like without having to pay the usual £2 fee, as long as you dock every 30 minutes.

Transport for London (TfL) has also joined forces with British Cycling to offer two central London group rides aimed at helping nervous cyclists build their confidence. The first is the Hyde Park Fantasy Loop on on Saturday 16 August and the second is the women-only Breeze Bike Ride in Regent’s Park on Sunday 17 August.

If you’re up for either of the the group rides, remember that places are limited and you need to register first at British Cycling’s website,

TfL announced in June that it is on the lookout for new sponsors after Barclays declined to renew their sponsorship agreement in 2015. Although use of the scheme has declined, a study conducted by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine showed that the health benefits of cycle hire outweighed the risks.

Visit TfL’s website for more details on the free weekend cycle hire and group rides.

Photo by Katie Howey in the Londonist Flickr pool.

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Article by Beth Parnell-Hopkinson | 796 Articles | View Profile

  • Shaun Barlow

    When will the bank provide helmets for the casual rider?
    But then… safety never really was an issue or great concern for any major financial organisation, was it?

    • Jon Millwood

      How do you propose providing a safe non-vandalised helmet in good working order to every rider? Maybe some kind of paid vending machine? But if they are for multiple use, the manpower involved in checking they are safe would be huge and also leaves TfL open to court cases if someone accidentally gets an unsafe helmet. Far better, cheaper and easier for users to provide their own.

    • BethPH

      It would be surprising if the bank did provide helmets when they don’t actually operate the cycle hire scheme.

    • Barney

      Helmets don’t seem to do much for safety anyway. Look up a summary of the evidence – you won’t find a clear conclusion that cyclists in London would be much safer with helmets. And as BethPH notes the bank doesn’t run the scheme, they just sponsor it. Its operated by SERCO.

  • Joe Peach

    Anyone interested in how an urban cycle hire scheme can provide helmets should look to Melbourne. In Australia, helmet use is mandatory:

    The mandatory cycle helmet law in Australia is considered to be a major contributor to the failure of Melbourne’s cycle hire scheme.

    Of course, helmets don’t actually make cyclists invincible. There are lots of part of the body that are quite useful, including the head, and there is nothing a helmet can do if you’re being run over by a lorry.