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20 August 2014 | General News | By: M@

Cheesegrater Plaza Opens To The Public

Cheesegrater Plaza Opens To The Public

A headline that would have baffled and confounded a few years ago is today a reality. The new public space beneath the Cheesegrater skyscraper is now open to the public.

One feels like a mere shaving of Parmesan within this vast atrium. The 224 metre Leadenhall Building (to use its official name) has no concrete core and effectively stands on steel stilts. This frees up plenty of shuffle space for pedestrians to mill around. For once, the City's denizens are staring upwards rather than down at their phones.

While there, you can inspect a small exhibition about the building. A cut-through to St Helen's Square has yet to open, and the east side is still masked by hoardings. Nevertheless, it's good to have access to a bit more space in the crowded Square Mile — and one in which the security guards don't seem to mind you taking photos.

Click through the gallery for more info on the features of interest.


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They've found the maypole! We've been looking for this for years. It was at the centre of a riot back in 1517: http://www.londonremembers.com...

Notta Scoobie

Not really loving it so far ....


i worked near to Leaden hall Street in the 1960/70s do not recognise it now has changed a lot since i worked near there