Amy Winehouse Statue To Be Unveiled At Camden Stables


Scott Eaton”s sculpture will be the latest tribute to the musician. Photo by Simon Crubellier, in the Londonist Flickr pool.

A statue of the late Amy Winehouse will be unveiled at Camden Stables Market next month — not far from where the singer died at her Camden Square home in July 2011.

The life-sized brass memorial is the work of sculptor Scott Eaton, who has previously worked with Jeff Koons on an oversize statue of Lady Gaga, and helped fellow artist Mark Wallinger hone his (decidedly less rock ′n′ roll) White Horse on the Mall.

Eaton’s statue was first intended to be installed a little further away, on a first-floor balcony of the Roundhouse — an establishment which has a good relationship with the Amy Winehouse Foundation. However, it has been moved to the market to make it more accessible to fans, who may have had difficulties reaching the statue inside the revered venue.

Amy’s father Mitch Winehouse says its new position in the centre of market will give it greater accessibility to fans, allowing them to “see it, touch and interact.”

It is perhaps only down to a change of heart that the statue is going ahead at all. Apparently, the Camden Town Conservation Authority was “not necessarily impressed” by Eaton’s original design. And Mitch Winehouse told The Guardian:

“I had a meeting with Camden Council and they told me they don’t usually allow statues until 20 years after someone has died.”

Clearly, continued admiration of the musician from fans — as well as extended tributes like last year’s Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait added weight to the family’s case, and the statue will be unveiled on 14 September — which would have been Winehouse’s 31st birthday.

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  • Giles Cudmore

    What a waste of time, money, and possibly talent in deifying a dead smack head.

    • BethPH

      A statue made as a tribute to a talented musician can hardly be described as ‘deification’.

      • lobstertodd

        There’s so many people they could choose to make a statue of that did not destroy their lives with drugs and alcohol.

        • Prudence Eely

          The operative word is ‘their’. That Amy Winehouse became addicted to drugs is a public fact and a very sad spectre… She was regardless, a mighty talent and produced two life shattering albums. She deserves her ‘Place in the Sun’ RIP Amy………………

          • lobstertodd

            There are so many people who deserve their place in the sun that did not destroy their lives with drugs. Given that unending multitude of choices for a public statue that children would be walking by day in and day out, I would think the talented people who stuck needles in their arms would be lower on the list.

          • Prudence Eely

            Sad that you should come to this conclusion. It is a known fact that once addiction has control the suffering individual has little chance to come up an eventual victor. Amy sadly paid the ultimate price she lost her life. However she produced two worldwide successful albums and in her prime was a star of the highest magnitude.

          • lobstertodd

            It’s sad that you think that way. You ignore all the negative aspects of a person because you like a few songs they wrote. She’s a terrible role model in comparison to 1,000 different successful that could have a statue erected in their honor. It’s sad that you ignore this obvious fact. It’s sad that one of her few hits from her short career was how she refused to help the problem that killed her. Great influence for the children….

          • Prudence Eely


  • rick

    The intelligence of the average person is pathetic, this is about talent, and a very rare talent at that.. people have nothing better to do but make waves because the average person is really has absolutely nothing to offer..

    • lobstertodd

      I know. The idea that a statue of Amy winehouse is just the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Lincoln Schultz

    This is great news. Despite the controversy around her life, Amy Winehouse was an extraordinary talent and it saddens me that there will never be another song or album. A statue of Amy at Camden Market gives me yet another reason to travel the 17,000 kilometres for a visit.