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13 July 2014 | Art & Photography | By: Silvia Baretta

Relaxing In Russell Square: Summery Paintings By Andy Parker

Relaxing In Russell Square: Summery Paintings By Andy Parker

London-based landscape painter Andy Parker is an old acquaintance of ours. We shared his bus-themed paintings earlier this year for the Year of the Bus celebration.

His new series of paintings is called Russell Square and consists of around 40 artworks. These colourful outdoor paintings depict people relaxing on London's famous garden square. The mosaic structure of the paintings and blocks of colour within the canvas slightly remind us of Paul Cézanne's artistic touch.

Read the artist's description of his choice of Russell Square as painting location:

Russell Square is a great place for inspiration — quite distinct from Tavistock Square or any others that I've worked in. It not only provides access to the Tube and the British Museum along one axis, but the University of London and the shops on the other. With a fountain as well. Large areas of sun and shade make it a welcome oasis for those in need. Tourists pass through, often 'casually' sauntering around behind me to see what I'm up to, office workers and maintenance crews use it for a welcome lunch break, students and RADA graduates study and rehearse there, kids, dogs, squirrels, pigeons and crows do their thing, as well. People on phones, eating their sandwiches, chatting, playing and relaxing, they turn up for me every day...

One of his boldest artworks is the portrait of London in 28 canvases called London by Interruption, a four scene panorama of London from the Thames. It took him over a year of studio work and 40 miles of walking every week to complete, but the result is breathtaking.

Visit AndyParker.uk.com for more London paintings.