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22 July 2014 | Festivals | By: Londonist

Nominate Your Neighbourhood For A Street Art Festival

Nominate Your Neighbourhood For A Street Art Festival

Anyone who has stopped at Aldgate East in the past few years will have noticed the soaring number of cranes in the area. The City is creeping east, and the new apartments, offices and hotels are slowly edging out the older and more run-down buildings that gave this part of town its uniquely grubby look and feel. More is to come, further north in Shoreditch.

With the seemingly inevitable regeneration and gentrification, east London’s precious street art scene risks losing its home. It won’t be a quick transition but we’ve already seen a lot of big murals lost to the wrecking ball. Only last month we reported on the closure of the car park on Leonard Street, which was home to some of London’s finest street art murals. It's making way for a new development, including a high-end hotel.

We love street art and we think there are plenty of London neighbourhoods that could benefit from a creative mural or two. To this end, we've teamed up with Global Street Art — who have organised over 500 murals since 2012 — to put on a street art festival somewhere in London next year. We don’t know where yet, that’s up to you. Look what was organised in Sydenham last year. What about where you live?

If you think a street art festival would do your neighbourhood good, and you know community groups who are prepared to help, then let us know. Email paint@londonist.com with your nomination and a summary of why you think your neighbourhood could benefit in 50-100 words. Nominations in by 5pm on Friday 1 August please.

We'll shortlist the best, most feasible nominations and ask the readers to decide who gets it. Then everyone's invited!

Photos from Sydenham street art festival courtesy of Global Street Art.

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Salon for the City

And we will be celebrating London's street art with Ingrid Beazley of the Dulwich Street art festival and David Speed of streetart life at Salon for the City at Westminster Arts Library on July 31st

rather not

Portobello, nr the flyover.

Lindsey Berthoud

Thanks for the nominations - we are excited by them! Watch this space for a public vote on who gets the first street art festival soon.


if there is to be a street art festival in local areas then it needs to be organised by local street artis's and not a street art agency. the one in sydenham was not a success with work being removed from shop fronts and walls and local artist's being ignored. art festivals are meant to be about supporting local talents and artist's, it's not about getting a agency to ship in artist's who they are promoting, show some thought for artists in these areas that have been working for many years to see others step all over them and paint the area where they live and have to see the aftermath of badly painted street art evey day...


St James Street in Walthamstow please! It is crying out for some art love! xx