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07 July 2014 | Drink, Maps | By: Ben Norum

New London Poster Map Of London Breweries

New London Poster Map Of London Breweries


We love a bit of London memorabilia almost as much as we like a pint of London brewed craft beer. And you know how we feel about maps.

You can imagine, then, how keen we are on this newly-released combination of all three: a poster map of London that marks out every craft brewery in the city.

It’s been created by Derek Lamberton of Blue Crow Media (a company that proclaims to be ‘dedicated to creating thoughtfully designed and carefully curated apps, maps and more’), with input from DeskBeers. The map lists more than 50 breweries, from Brixton to By The Horns via Kernel and Camden Town, complete with location details and the dates of when each was founded.

If you’d like it for your home, it’s available to buy as an A2 print for £12.50, either online here, or at Stanfords in Covent Garden or Material Gallery on Rivington Street. Ours is on the way.

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