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26 July 2014 | Best Of London | By: M@

London's Most Unusual Statues

London's Most Unusual Statues

There's more to London statuary than some long-forgotten dead blokes on horseback. Click through the gallery for our pick of the strangest fake people across town. Or nominate your own favourites in the comments below.

See also: London's weirdest dummies and mannequins (some of these are truly twisted).


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Joe DeCaro

Not Doctor Who, but more (Monty) "Pythonesque".

Sebastian Hilton

Having been to London twice and planning a third annual visit I must say that I have always admired London's statues and history. I want to check these out


George II in Golden Square

London Historians

Nice work. I tip my metaphorical hat to Wilkes whene'er I pass.


"Burn him, he's a witch" - very funny, as always.


How did this one in Wandsworth not make the cut? Cross dressing Jesus doing a power dance move.