London News Roundup

Will Noble
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London News Roundup

Photo by HoosierSands, from the Londonist Flickr pool

Last Updated 24 July 2014


I thought Londonist was great anyway, but delivering trouser snake takes you up to a whole new level.


On the Silvertown / Meatpacking district thing, it's good to know it'll be aimed at “people who can’t afford to be in Clerkenwell or King’s Cross any more because it is too expensive". I'm sure the people who live in Silvertown because almost EVERYWHERE else is too expensive will be delighted as their housing costs tick inexorably upwards as a result, and they get forced out of London altogether.

Why doesn't Boris just declare a 1 mile exclusion zone for those on under £100k pa either side of the riverbank throughout Greater London & have done with it? At least that'd be honest.