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21 July 2014 | Maps | By: M@

Google's 3D London Map: The Odd Bits

Google's 3D London Map: The Odd Bits

Google isn't the first company to release a three-dimensional map of London, but its rendering of the capital is easily the best we've seen so far. That's not to say it doesn't come with its fair share of oddities, bloopers and strange limitations, however. Click through the gallery below for a few of the curiosities we've discovered so far.

Let us know about any other oddness in the comments. You'll find 3D London in Google Maps on the satellite view.

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Here.com has 3D maps extending well beyond Google's. Walthamstow, Stratford (admittedly under construction), Woolwich, Brixton...

Rich Thomas

I work in a building that borders a basin on the canal. There's a big tidal wave smooshing up as far as our second floor. Wheee! The poor old canal boats don't seem best pleased about it.


most boring blog ever,,, congrats