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17 July 2014 | Best Of London, General News, Maps | By: BethPH

Google Maps London In 3D

Google Maps London In 3D

Google Maps has launched 3D mapping of London today, ensuring that even less work will get done on one of the hottest days of the year.

Using 45-degree aerial imagery, the company has mapped the capital — allowing users to zoom in on Google Maps or Google Earth to show landmarks and buildings in 3D. You can then pan, zoom, tilt and rotate to have a good look around.

We found the edge of the 3D section which you can see in one of the Battersea pictures.


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Chris Neale

Hasn't Bing Maps had this facility for ages???

Over a fair bit of the country as well.


How do you get it to work?

Neil Evans

I've yet to see a way of accessing this?