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16 June 2014 | General News | By: JFarinha

World Naked Bike Ride 2014 In Pictures

World Naked Bike Ride 2014 In Pictures

Londoners dared to bare at the weekend during the country's largest annual nude protest: World Naked Bike Ride. The fleshy flotilla stopped traffic as it toured around the West End on a route that took in Trafalgar Square and the Houses of Parliament, saluting Nelson's Column and Big Ben as they passed by. What they were protesting about ranged from cycle safety (more secure helmets?) to anti-fracking to the freedom to strip off in public on a hot summer's day. Intrepid Londonist photographer Jose Farinha stripped off to join the ride and covered it — using a long lens, of course.

All photos copyright Jose Farinha.


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Nina at HaveYouHeardOfIt?

Oh wow! Think I'll stick to indoor spinning classes WITH my clothes on! This is my fave, Psycle: http://hyhoi.com/2014/05/psycl...

Lila Pavlerou

Really nice photos, what a great day it was for a naked bike ride.
Shame about the shameless plug below.




Why wasn't any of them arrested for exposing themselves? I seriously don't get why they law doesn't apply to them when it comes to this.

Barry McGee

Poor Boris Bikes.. they didn't deserve that!

nicola branch

Very very sad and ignorant attitudes towards nudity.
Get over yourselves, you're all the same underneath.

Lux Lisbon

George F is really falling apart. He's no doubt over 50, as all the social prudes are.


It's disappointing to see how readily some people conflate the concepts of nudity and indecency. Small wonder that there are so many sexual crimes in this country when there are people who think that the human body is a shameful, dirty thing.

Thankfully London is a grown-up, open-minded place that does not often get bogged down in narrow-minded attitudes like this.

Martin Newlan

I was in central London with my granddaughters (four and two) at the right time but we missed all the excitement. There are a few people contributing to this who need to lighten-up a bit and keep a sense of humour! Bike saddles are bad enough clothed. Imagine sitting on one with a naked bottom!!


Thank you for solidarity from Turkey! All we need is just more freedom for a happy world

Aasim Jamil

Now what next you Londoners will demand ? Probably sex on the streets. Please wake up! do not make the world more complex by spreading vulgarism and messing it up. Whether you agree or not, it will remain as what it seems-an indecent act of frustrated pervert minds. Its a plea to be a bit traditional, when the whole world is struggling to make their ends meet, you guys have got surplus time to indulge in such hooliganism. Defecating and urinating are also natural, then go and do it on the streets.


taking a dump is natural too; though I prefer it not be done on the street in front of me and the little ones

gnome sayin'?


George F must have a small chopper


All my life I've always made sure to avoid London on WNBR days, but last weekened I was near Kings X and hordes of wrinkly saggy old folks on bikes (and WORSE on Boris bikes) attacked me in military fashion. The horror. Some things I can't erase from mind for life. Living in London is never easy...


cool naked ride!


When everyone in this world choose to be naked, then there wouldn't be a problem........and naked becomes normal. Until then, there are multiple issues, and points of view.......whether you respect those views or otherwise.


Nifty... could this be The Solution to Pollution?http://www.ecohustler.co.uk/20...


With regard to some of the discussion below, i'd like to share my personal experience as a participant of this event. Growing up in a socially conservative family and culture, I was not exposed to natural naked bodies. I was also taught to feel shame at my own nudity. Children WILL and DO inevitably see semi-naked bodies exposed in a variety of ways, predominantly with sexual undertones, in british culture. I cannot overstate the effect this imbalance had on my attitude towards my own body. I felt a great deal of self-loathing for many years. Taking part in this ride, particularly the friendliness, respect and good humour of the other riders, did more than any other experience (or any amount of time spent consciously trying to feel 'confident') has done to convince me that I had absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. Obviously I am speaking only and completely from personal experience (as a 21 year old woman) but I WISH now that I had seen such a variety of people so visibly comfortable and happy to be nude when I was growing up. Of all the battles to fight to 'protect' children, I am now wholly convinced that educating them that nudity is bad and that we should hide our bodies is one of the most pointless. I have never had a strongly ingrained norm so thoroughly deconstructed in a single day, nor never felt so unashamed and happy in my own skin.


We did not have clothes, your parents brought us clothes because being naked is "uncivilised", Now the Aha moment when naked is natural. Africans knew that thousands of years ago. The burden of being so prim and proper is evaporating.


All people's who likes this day nearly going to hell