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See London From A Room With A View With Airbnb

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What's the view from your London window? We asked two Airbnb hosts about their homes with amazing views and why they decided to share them with London Airbnbers.

First up, Claire, host of this gorgeous, artistic flat high up in Caliban Tower, Shoreditch.

What is the view from your window?
The city of London and all across East and West London. I have two flats in the same block, both facing south but one also facing East and the other also facing West. The huge windows and dual aspect make for some of the best views of London, especially as it's so close to the city of London.

What do you love about it?
Because of the windows and view my flats have a kind of tree house feel about them. I can see the changing weather, the skies are amazing to watch. In both flats we get sunrise and sunset - especially during winter. In Summer one flat gets sunrise, the other gets sunset.

What are some of your favourite local spots that you recommend to your guests?
There are so many good cafes. The Vietnamese restaurants on Kingsland Road are great. Hoxton Street is a great street with so much going on.

What made you want to share it with other people by becoming an Airbnb host?
I was made redundant from my teaching job. I've always worked as an artist. Now I can spend more time doing that.

Tell us about a memorable experience you had hosting on Airbnb.
I've had so many. Perhaps the most memorable was a young Canadian girl who was university age travelling to London alone to find out more about her roots. She was studying philosophy and had overcome some huge life challenges. I found her really inspiring

Peter lives in the Clock Tower at St Pancras International Station. Yep, in the station Clock Tower.

What is the view from your window?
I look over Kings Cross Square and see the City, Islington, St Paul’s and Hampstead Heath in different directions.

What do you love about it?
The centrality of my location - best connected spot in the world.

What made you want to share it with other people by becoming an Airbnb host?
The chance to share the pleasure with lots of other people.

Have you forged any new friendships?
Yes, people from Vermont/Boston who come every three months and cook a gourmet dinner.

Tell us about a memorable experience you had hosting on Airbnb.
When an American Professor of English brought his British English Faculty colleagues home from a book launch for a party!

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