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Pride 2013, by Maki Aoyama on Flickr

Pride in London, Saturday 28 June, is one of the biggest celebrations of diversity in the world. Whatever kind of Londoner you may be… whether gay, lesbian, bi, trans, straight or whatever else, there are plenty of activities and events to enjoy this weekend.

The Parade

With over 200 organisations taking part in the shape of floats, buses, walking parties and everything in between, the Pride parade is one of London’s biggest celebrations of diversity. Transport for London, Barclays, US Embassy London, Stonewall and The Scout Association are a handful of the groups involved in this year’s revelry.

Parade route

Leaving Baker Street at 1pm, the procession will travel east along Oxford Street to Oxford Circus, down Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus, down Lower Regent Street, along Pall Mall and Cockspur Street, through Trafalgar Square and into Whitehall, where the Parade ends and disperses.


Photo by Pride In London

Main Stage @ Trafalgar Square

If you’re in the mood for an outdoor concert with a huge variety of acts, including Sinitta, Samantha Fox, and Sink The Pink, this is the place to be from 2pm until 8pm. It gets busy as the parade comes to a close, so get there early to bag a good spot. The Pride headliner this year is the fabulous Concita Wurst, the recent winner of Eurovision. It’s time to rise like a phoenix!

Dean Street Stage, and Soho Street Party

For a street party vibe, revellers can drink and dance in the streets of Soho. The hub of the action takes place around Old Compton Street and Dean Street, where there’ll be another stage with live performers. Look out for up and coming stars with Pride’s Got Talent finalists Jes Stretton and Luke Upton. You can also see winner Dorian Reland on the Trafalgar Square stage before catching Concita.

Golden Square Rainbow Fete

With Soho Square closed this year, Golden Square (a short walk from Regent Street and Old Compton Street) has picked up the gauntlet to be Pride’s outdoor festival-style space. Live performances on the bandstand, a 1950’s Airstream trailer bar and tempting street food stalls will get you in the party mood. Who wanted Glasto tickets anyway?


Photo by Lauren Anderson

The rainbow crossing

For one day only, London will get its very own rainbow crossing, similar to those at Tel Aviv Pride and Sydney Mardi Gras. It’s close to the main action on Trafalgar Square. Just head to Pall Mall East and Suffolk Street. Great spot for a selfie, we reckon.

WE Party London

Day turns into night then back into day again (10pm to 7am) with this epic party from Spanish promoters WE. Known for their tongue-in-cheek (sometimes literally) themes, this one’s called ‘Kiss Me Tiger’ and promises 90s glam and plenty of live action. It’s at the fabulous Coronet in Elephant and Castle.

Blocheads at East Bloc

If you fancy things a bit more underground, head to East Bloc, one of east London’s hottest, coolest, club. With DJs Done & Dusted, Tasty Tim and Ray Noir on the decks, along with hordes of the Shoreditch set, you’ll be in good company. From 10.30pm to 6pm

Pride in London is Saturday 28 June 2014.

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  • Lo

    Don’t forget the fabulous, family friendly UK Black Pride for all people of colour and allies
    Sunday 29th in Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

  • JesusSaves

    Yahweh calls every human black, white, Hispanic, Asian, male, female, prostitute, idolater, leper, cancer patient, AIDs patient ect. to be humble and not proud. James 4:6 – But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.

    The phoenix is a demon. The fact that so many sinners of homosexuality love this evil creature, should let people know who your gay views are allied with. The many costumes in this parade are occultic. Again, the occult is aligned with the devil and his demons. The demon that makes people gay is leading you to more demons, pride and the occult, which will send you to hell.

    I love all people and so does the Lord. However, He does curse sin and the generations. If you were born gay, break the curse. Do not let the devil have your soul. You are the creation of God, redeemed at the cross so that you may be with Jesus and the Father in His Heaven You want to be friends with the creator Yahweh, Jesus, and His Spirit.

    The devil is a deceiver and he will tell you to do what you feel because he does not want you to go to Heaven with Jesus. He tempted Eve in the Garden and God forgave her and Adam, but He punished the generations too. They were taken out of paradise for Adam to sweat and work hard on cursed land. Eve was given the pain of labor. Still God gave them strength to get through it because He still loved them. God still loves you, but He hates disobedience. Hell is real and so was Sodom and Gomorrah. Research it, if you want to know the truth.

    Please, do not let the devil lie to you. Gay is a behavior choice to sin or resist sin. A straight person has the choice to have sex outside of Holy marriage which is sin or not have sex or follow the Lord Yahweh’s plan of Holy marry until death.

    Also, being born black and living as a black person is in NO WAY a sin. Racism is a sin and of the devil. To equate choosing to let the gay demon drive you to sin versus being born black is lie from the devil. Humble yourself gays. Ask Jesus to help you… that is what Yahweh wants. The Lord loves you and He want you to repent and turn to Him for help. God bless

    • Al


    • WalkingForChange

      This person should be banned from posting, questioned by the police for extremist views – and potentially charged with inciting hate crimes.

  • Sarah

    Showing their support at the weekend, London branding agency Coley Porter Bell created a tea brand to celebrate the ‘everyday’ of being gay.