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Intricate Hand-cut Art By Caroline Jane Harris

Intricate Hand-cut Art By Caroline Jane Harris

It's always good to keep an eye on a talented emerging artist and track their progress as their work evolves. We first spotted Caroline Jane Harris' intricately hand-carved works in a group show and then again at a two person exhibition. Now she has her first solo show at Scream gallery and her work has progressed while still remaining true to her original vision.

Her work is impressively delicate and the tree-like patterns have been compared to the branching vessels within lungs, a network of rivers and capillaries beneath the skin. The pieces are remarkably elaborate considering they are carved by hand. The amount of focus to not make a mistake must be extreme — especially considering the artist told us she works in eight hour shifts.

Her latest works are more layered and this makes them appear all the more impressive, as there is greater texture for visitors to explore. However, the addition of colour can be hit and miss. The green in a forest scene is effective but sometimes the bolder surreal colours detract from the subtle nuances of the work. As a comparator, a work in stark white has greater impact than some of its brighter and more superficially visually appealing neighbours.

This is still an impressive exhibition and it's great to see an artist's work evolve in different directions.

Caroline Jane Harris: Anatomy of the Arboreal is on at Scream, 27-28 Eastcastle Street, W1W 8DH until 2 August. Entrance is free.

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