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12 June 2014 | Transport | By: Silvia Baretta

Ticket Alert: Steam Trains On The Underground This Summer

Steam train running along the Metropolitan line. This picture is from last year's celebration of the 150th birthday of London Underground. Photo by Clare Griffiths on Flickr

London Transport Museum has teamed up with London Underground to offer tickets for a journey on heritage steam trains running on the Underground, in order to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Hammersmith & City Line.

Save the dates: it's all happening on 2 and 9 August and on the weekend of 16-17 August. The programme is divided in two main events, as follows:

  • On Saturday 2 and Saturday 9 August trains run along the route of the Hammersmith & City Line. The first train runs between Northfields and Moorgate, the next three run from Moorgate to Hammersmith and return while the last train runs from Moorgate to Northfields. Journeys run between 8.24am and 4.25pm and there's entertainment from actors and a brass band, which will be at Moorgate Station. Tickets are £40-£95 for adults and £30-£85 for children, depending on the journey and the class chosen.
  • On the weekend of Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 August trains run along the route of the Metropolitan Line. The first train runs between Wembley Park and Rickmansworth, the next two run from Rickmansworth to Chesham and return while the last train runs from Rickmansworth to Chesham and return to Harrow-on-the-Hill. Journeys run between 8.24am and 4.25pm. Tickets are £20-£35 for adults and £10-£25 for children, depending on the journey and the class chosen. They will go on sale shortly, so keep an eye on the website.

Photo by Clare Griffiths on Flickr. 

Silvia Baretta

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There were absolutely no £30 that I could see for any of the options. The lowest fare was £40 which makes it just unaffordable for me. Shame!

Caroline Wright

Agreed Alex would love to do this but I cant afford them price shame


£40-£95 for adults? Lol


Too expensive!!!! had better heritage train rides for less..

Paula Robins

Another thing for the rich, when is London going to start catering for everyone!!!!

Darren Kennyford

How much!!! Again, only people with lots of money wanted. Makes me very angry


Looks great, far too expensive of course, but also - where's all that steam going to go? I'd rarther not be engulfed by it on the train platform, thanks! :p

Paul Atherton

Considered getting tickets, but waited to see if we (my 15 year old son and I) won the competition on Monday (we didn't). But turned up at Moorgate to see the last train of the day only to be told it wasn't the steam pulled version as previously advertised. Very happy that hadn't bought tickets would have been apoplectic