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26 June 2014 | Best Of London | By: M@

How To Build Up Your Own Armed Forces In London

How To Build Up Your Own Armed Forces In London

Looking to put together a rag-tag militia, overthrow the Government and set up your own junta? Seeking defensive measures to repel water cannon attack? Then you'll need to get your hands on some serious military kit. Here's how to piece together your own army, navy and air force from leftover weaponry you'll find lying around London*.

Of course, you might also plunder the armouries of many London museums, including the Imperial War Museum (Lambeth, reopens in July), RAF Museum (Colindale), National Army Museum (Chelsea) and Firepower Royal Artillery Museum (Woolwich, sadly closing soon).

*Disclaimer: nabbing armoured vehicles, engaging in a violent putsch and assembling a military dictatorship would probably count as borderline illegal. Londonist does not condone such behaviour.

All images by M@, except the Limehouse tanks, by Sharon Langridge under Creative Commons licence.


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Rob Kidd

This is great, Matt!

simon harding

it was easier in Guy Fawkes day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?...


Don't forget this colourful gem nr Bricklayers Arms! http://instagram.com/p/mevE4Cs...