Watch London Evolve In This Animation

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 49 months ago
Watch London Evolve In This Animation

If you went to the Almost Lost exhibition you might already have seen this film, showing how London has grown since Roman times. Using the road network and historically protected sites and buildings, we can watch the city's evolution unfold (plus a haunting soundtrack).

The London Evolution Animation was made by Flora Roumpani and Polly Hudson and is yet another production from the incredible (and incredibly busy) Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL, in partnership with English Heritage, the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction  at Cambridge University and Museum of London Archaeology.

If you'd prefer to watch the film on a grander scale, or maybe in a more appropriate context, it'll be on permanent display at New London Architecture on Store Street.

Last Updated 08 May 2014


Sorry to say it, but this film really disappointed me. The idea of it was fascinating so I started to watch with great anticipation, but the fascinating content was overpowered by a dull delivery. Heavy amounts of swiftly changing text meant your eye is on the words and you miss any animations - not that there were many! Why was the whole thing delivered through the frame of modern greater London? Sure, benchmark it at the start, and return to it where appropriate, but some zooms into the detail of Roman / Saxon etc era would have helped. You could have benchmarked the scale against the locations of modern landmarks - much more meaningful than a minutely-changing blob in the centre of the vast sprawl that is London today. I would SO love to watch this again done in a more engaging way.... What a shame.


They also got the dates wrong with early Victorian development happening in 1840 - 1870 not 1940-70 as illustrated...


I'd agree with sniffy. Painfully ponderous and didn't show the growth of London, merely what buildings have survived.

Zoe Roberts

I liked it. A good clear representation of what it tries to show. Sure, some more detail, pictures etc might be interesting, but it might also make it less legible. I say, well done.

Arjan Koetje

Does anyone know what music this is?