An Interview With John F Kennedy's Statue

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An Interview With John F Kennedy's Statue

What would John F Kennedy think of the world today? In the first of a series of interviews with London's statues, Anthony MR Lewis talks to the late President, whose bust can be found on Marylebone Road. Which London statue should Anthony interview next?

You can find more of Anthony's work on the Lost Valley of London site. @The_Lost_Valley

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Last Updated 27 May 2014


This is embarrassing. And I don't just mean that hair on a middle aged man.


that was rubbish, to be fair.... i expected something witty or satirical but that was insipid, unimaginative and utterly irelevent to anything!! I was going to suggest Margaret Thatcher next, but I think I'd do a better job myself!


This is so cute! I don't know what you lot are on about, this is clearly meant to be a bit of fun and it's only about 2 minutes long so it's obviously not supposed to be some in-depth historical document or an hour-long Southbank-style reportage or anything like that. Who exactly would be embarrassed by it? I, for one, never knew there was a JFK bust in London and I thought I'd seen a lot of the place in my short time here (7 years), so this inspires me to find out more about why he was here, what else was going on at the time, etc. It's obviously meant to inspire in that way, for those who want to find out more for themselves. I'd never really thought about JFK before I saw this but now I'm a bit curious... Oh and why was satire expected? This isn't a satirical site. Learn to take things lightly, folks, and the world may start being a better place.


Great little concept!
Loved the animation and information (had no idea of JFK's involvement with London). Perhaps just needed a little archive footage to support the statues story?

Look forward to more


A fun and interesting way to engage with history! Great concept, looking forward to the next one.