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07 April 2014 | Secret | By: M@

Tiny Solar System Hidden In Mill Hill Subway

Tiny Solar System Hidden In Mill Hill Subway

Drive out of London on the A1 and you must cross an entire solar system. Beneath the Barnet bypass, at Mill Hill, a pedestrian subway sports images of our Sun, the eight planets, and the dwarf planet Pluto. The tiled murals were erected in 1998 and carry the signatures of 'S Burnett' and 'J Deardey'. Here, you can quite literally be in the gutter, but looking at the stars.

What might, at first, seem like an unusually grand subject for something as humdrum as a subway makes more sense when you know that the University of London Observatory is just around the corner. Although primarily a teaching observatory, its astronomers have made several discoveries regarding exoplanets and supernovae.

In another cosmic association, Mill Hill was also the birthplace of Doctor Who actor Patrick Troughton.


Poor pluto!

Milan Mehta

i've biked through this tunnel many times, if you can handle the piss smell and avoid getting mugged or beaten up, then this definitely worth a visit


Wow what at thought of Joy to be able to visit a place were the smell of piss is over welming and the avability of being rolled and the shit bein out is such a delight.

Brenda Wong

I walk through this subway every day!