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See New And Established Acts At Sketchfest

Rachel Holdsworth
Rachel Holdsworth 09 April 2014
See New And Established Acts At Sketchfest

Max and Ivan. Photo by Dan Burn-Forti

Sketchfest is a great way to see established and up-coming sketch acts alongside each other in the same night or, if your stamina is up to it, across the full four days of the festival.

There's a competition element: 12 groups will perform their best stuff in front of a panel of judges over three nights (so, maths: that's four per night), with a winner announced at the end of the festival. There's also an audience award, so you play your part. But there are also more well-known acts doing longer sets (or, in the case of Max and Ivan, their full show The Reunion). See Shirley & Shirley, The Pin, Thünderbards and BEASTS, plus Pappy's with a Best Of set to open the festival.

Sketchfest happens 1-4 May in Bethnal Green — and the best part is that you can go to the awards ceremony / closing party on the Sunday and not worry about work the next day, because it's a bank holiday.

Sketchfest runs 1-4 May at the Backyard Comedy Club, 231 Cambridge Heath Road, Bethnal Green. Tickets £55 for the whole festival / £23 day tickets / £13 individual shows. For more information and to book see the Sketchfest website.

Last Updated 09 April 2014