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16 April 2014 | Art & Photography | By: M@

London In Motion: A New Timelapse Of The Capital

London In Motion: A New Timelapse Of The Capital

This rather lovely timelapse video of London was put together by student Lewis Symonds (@Lewis1498). We particularly enjoyed the 'hyperlapse' shots, in which the camera pans across a scene — Buckingham Palace or the National Gallery — in speeded up time.

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Brilliant but there's no credit for the music, what is it?

Jeff Sofroniou

Fabulous! Well done Lewis, well shot and appropriate music. Loved it!


doesn't play on iPad/Safari


Ooops ... it does play ... apols


Lewis has done something extraordinary - because every location is completely familiar to us all. There are no surprises in that sense. But he forces you to look at these landmarks with a new sense of recognition. London becomes a living organism that unites its inhabitants like a family. The film gives you a renewed affection and a realisation that yes, much as I hate tooling atound London with all its annoyances - I actually do love the place. I guess I always did. As Dr Johnson said: "The man who is tired of London is tired of life."