London In Motion: A New Timelapse Of The Capital

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London In Motion: A New Timelapse Of The Capital

This rather lovely timelapse video of London was put together by student Lewis Symonds (@Lewis1498). We particularly enjoyed the 'hyperlapse' shots, in which the camera pans across a scene — Buckingham Palace or the National Gallery — in speeded up time.

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Last Updated 16 April 2014


Brilliant but there's no credit for the music, what is it?

Jeff Sofroniou

Fabulous! Well done Lewis, well shot and appropriate music. Loved it!


doesn't play on iPad/Safari


Ooops ... it does play ... apols


Lewis has done something extraordinary - because every location is completely familiar to us all. There are no surprises in that sense. But he forces you to look at these landmarks with a new sense of recognition. London becomes a living organism that unites its inhabitants like a family. The film gives you a renewed affection and a realisation that yes, much as I hate tooling atound London with all its annoyances - I actually do love the place. I guess I always did. As Dr Johnson said: "The man who is tired of London is tired of life."