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14 April 2014 | Politics | By: M@

Flappy Mayor: Starring Boris Johnson And Bob Crow's Head

Flappy Mayor: Starring Boris Johnson And Bob Crow's Head

Another day another Flappy Bird clone. This one stands out from the crowd for three reasons. (1) It's all set in London. (2) It features Boris Johnson and the late Bob Crow. (3) It sets a new benchmark for things in this world that might be described as 'piss poor' (although we suspect this is deliberate).

As with any Flappy Bird rip-off, the rules are simple. Tap the screen to poke your character into flapping a bit higher, thereby avoiding obstacles that encroach upon your flightpath. In this case, you control an 8-bit version of our 2-bit Mayor as he flaps his was across a London landscape farting out tube roundels. In a macabre twist, the Mayor must avoid a selection of plinths each decorated with the head of Bob Crow, the recently deceased RMT union leader. Yet even in death, Crow soon gets his way. We could only steer our mayoral aeronaut past 10 Bob-heads before taking a tumble.

The app, developed by Pranadev, is available for free for Apple devices. It is so smothered in adverts and pop-ups that you're better off holding up our screenshot and wobbling it about a bit.


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Thats so fuunnny, Heres a link to another Flappy Bird clone based on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford! https://apps.facebook.com/flab... Its called Flabby Turd, its on facebook.

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I'm getting this just about..... now! Got it!