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Bug Sculptures Made From Litter By Mark Oliver

Bug Sculptures Made From Litter By Mark Oliver

Four months ago we highlighted the work of Edouard Martinet, who crafts insects, birds and fish out of bike, car and motorcycle parts. Mark Oliver is an artist whose work follows a similar theme where insects are created from found objects or 'litter' as the exhibition title refers to it.

Oliver has made his art more in the Victorian tradition, where exotic insects would be pinned and hung in display cases for all to see. His work, however, has a more common origin incorporating everyday items such as the spine of an encyclopaedia, model aeroplanes or an ornamental fan.

Each bug has a particularly apt name such as the 'Splitter Bug', whose torso is made up of a tin of aspirin. The clever labelling of the species also stretches to its suggested Latin name of Hemiptera neuralgiaHemiptera being a genuine order that includes many of the world's bugs.

The works are on sale in the back of Pitfield London, an eclectic vintage furniture shop. As far as art goes, this definitely sits in the 'affordable' category, including flat pack assemblages for constructing a litter bug.

These intricate sculptures are crafted with a great eye for detail; and there's also a sense of playfulness that makes them all the more engaging.

Mark Oliver's 'The Litter Bug is on at Pitfield London, 31-35 Pitfield Street, N1 6HB until 10 May. Entrance is free.

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