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07 April 2014 | General News, Housing | By: Rachel Holdsworth

Battersea Power Station Development Designs By Gehry And Foster

Battersea Power Station Development Designs By Gehry And Foster

Designs by Gehry Partners and Foster + Partners for Phase 3 of the Battersea Power Station redevelopment were unveiled today.

The two architectural titans are creating a new high street, to be called The Electric Boulevard, linking the new tube station to the power station, plus shops, restaurants, a hotel and 1,300 homes, 103 of which will be 'affordable'.

These plans are all subject to planning approval and are available for public inspection on site, on the following dates and times:

  • 10 April 11am-8pm
  • 11 April 10am-6pm
  • 12-13 April 10am-3pm

Frank Gehry said of the design:

"Our goal from the start has been to create a neighbourhood that connects into the historic fabric of the city of London, but one that has its own identity and integrity. We have tried to create humanistic environments that feel good to live in and visit."

All images by Foster + Partners and Frank Gehry.

Rachel Holdsworth

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Matthew Rees

Wow! I love it.

Annette Edgar


Annette Edgar

totally out of keeping with this magnificent building and totally uninspiring, having worked with arhictects for many years I am sure a student could up up with some much better

Mikki Leigh

103 so-called "affordable" homes. Pathetic.

George f

The prices will be ridiculous, so what does it matter?

Kim Hemmingway

Q. How can we hide it?
A. Put lots of 'arty' buildings in concrete and glass round it. Have them leaning a bit.
Q. Why?
A People think that's cutting edge and then they will look less like council houses.
Q. What about social housing?
A. We can probably get away with less than 10 percent. We can afford that. Of course the new owners will need staff so we may have to have a bus stop too.
Q. But all that concrete and glass, won't it be depressing?
A. Call it something trendy, Ah, got it 'Electric Boulevard'.
Q. Oh the power station will be providing the electricty... clever.
A. Derr, no, but great marketing ploy.
Q. Why have you put concrete cereal boxes next to the flats?
A. Ran out of money.

cha cha b

just what London needs more homes for the super rich


Benidorm springs to mind! Hideous!


great plan, but 10% "affordable"?


103 affordable...really?