Adam Ant To Perform Debut Album In Full

Chris Lockie
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Adam Ant To Perform Debut Album In Full

Adam Ant

He can certainly claim to be one of London's most unique musical characters, each time he swaps the comfy slippers of Stuart Goddard for the implausible headwear of Adam Ant. Now pop's original Prince Charming has decided to run through his debut album in its entirety, at Hammersmith Apollo on Saturday 19 April, for one night only.

Dirk Wears White Sox, named as a dedication to screen legend Dirk Bogarde, remains an extraordinary album 34 years after its release. It's filled with post-punk riffs of the style popular at the end of the 1970s, infused with funk, soul and the first strains of New Romanticism that would become the hallmark of Adam and the Ants. The album's lyrics are as out-there as you might expect, with references to art history and religion, Cleopatra and JFK, love and death.

The only single to be taken from the album was Cartrouble, which you can see the predictably bonkers video for below.

There's also an acoustic version of the song performed live at a special show at East Finchley's Phoenix Cinema a couple of years ago, which somebody helpfully filmed on their phone, and you can see that on YouTube.

Dirk Wears White Sox had an interesting early life, released in different formats with different tracklistings by the various record companies that got themselves involved. Adam will be running through the version that he considers to be definitive, and of course following it up with a few hits from later in his career as is the way of this type of show.

Tickets are available from £34, and support on the night comes from an excellent new band from the Midlands with a truly appalling name, New Killer Shoes.

Adam Ant plays Dirk Wear White Sox at the Eventim Apollo Hammersmith on 19 April. Buy tickets.

Last Updated 07 April 2014


I hope it's better than the gig I saw him do in Newcastle on Friday. Very poor with speaking segments between songs that lasted up to ten minutes. Such a crying shame - I saw him in Austin, Texas, towards the end of last year and he was brilliant.


I saw him last night in Cheltenham, I should have known how the night was about to continue, as the band were still sound-checking until 7:30!! Even once the doors opened the entire audience was forced to wait in the lobby for a thirsty amount of time.
Adam wouldn't stop speaking
between songs, absolute DRIVEL about nothing he rambled on and on blabbering away while
his band mates stood there looking uncomfortable..I felt uncomfortable! If he'd been telling actual stories, it might have been interesting, but no, it was just drivel..
He was not in form at
all, shouted and barked all the songs, only came alive a bit toward the end, then went back to the drivel...he didn't seem to know the words to Marc
Bolan's GET IT ON, only the chorus was truly embarrassing! He walked off at the end and nobody even cared if they came back for an encore, which they didn't. Hope he snaps out of it and doesn't give this sort of performance at Hammersmith!!