The Secret Rooms Of St Paul’s Cathedral


We recently had the opportunity to explore some of the off-limits spaces in St Paul’s Cathedral. We started on the spiral staircase memorably featured at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films. From there, we visited the clock room, London’s most scary spy hole, and a little-known gallery at the very top of the inner dome. We also got to clamber over the roof and admire the statues that few rarely see. Film by Geoff Marshall. Photos from the visit are here.

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  • Mrs England

    Wow! Didn’t seem an entirely pleasant experience : vertigo+++

  • Karen Anderson

    WOW,How Amazing.One can only imagine the mind behind the building of this Magnificent Church.A lost Art of today!!!!!

  • Edwina

    Amazing. Wish I was there.x

  • Neil Evans

    Are there any plans for the building available for all? Judging my the curators saying there were rooms that we’re totally unknown it’d be a fascinating map/plan to get lost in!