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21 March 2014 | General News | By: M@

The Nine Towers Of Nine Elms

The Nine Towers Of Nine Elms

The south bank of the Thames from Battersea to Vauxhall is one vast construction site. At the northern end alone, branded as 'Nine Elms on the South Bank', some 16,000 new homes are planned — more than five times the number in the former London 2012 Athlete's Village in Stratford.

Many of these new homes are up in the sky. Come 2020, Nine Elms will have a skyline to rival Canary Wharf's. Nine developments in particular look set to dominate the views from Westminster Bridge. All are taller than the nearby Millbank Tower, or Centre Point, and some contain more than one tower.

This article looks at these nine developments, most of which have planning permission, some of which are under construction, and one of which is almost complete. Many other buildings, including slightly smaller towers such as 30-60 South Lambeth Road, are planned, but we've set an arbitrary limit of 120 metres here (partly, if we're being honest, to allow the 'nine towers of Nine Elms' editorial conceit!).

Note: there's plenty to be said about the social implications of developing to such a high density, the allocation of 'affordable housing', the radical changes to the skyline, pressures on transport and other infrastructure and the continued rise of luxury apartments that few Londoners can afford. We regularly cover such issues elsewhere in our Housing section, and this article is intended only to provide a bit of background to the various schemes.


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Would love to see a mock up of Nine Elms / Vauxhall Cross with all buildings shown...