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23 March 2014 | Art & Photography | By: Lindsey

London Photo Project: The Death of the City

London Photo Project: The Death of the City

Flickr photographer Mark Massey works close to the Regent's Place development off Euston Road currently flanked by hoardings depicting idyllic scenes of beautiful green public parkland and trees. He describes the effect it had on him, that is was "like rubbing salt into the wounds — this is what it could have looked like if we didn’t build on it".

The Death of the City is his response, photos of everyday people passing the site. Mark says, "I tried to shoot these in such a way that at first glance you get the impression that the public are enjoying green, public space. In reality, this greenery is just masking the greed of the corporations and the erosion of public space in favour of private space." Find out more here.

The Death of the City is a photography project by Mark Massey

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Whilst you may be right in your sentiments it is certainly better than the usual blank screening.

Howrad Michello

would be interesting to see Regents Place previous to its current form..