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14 March 2014 | Secret | By: M@

London Photo Quiz

London Photo Quiz

To ease you into the weekend, tour guide and historian Colin Levy has set a London photo quiz. As further help, we'll reveal that all the images in this debut selection are in east or east-of-centre London. How many can you get?

Rules: feel free to say how many you think you got right in the comments, but please only reveal one answer per person in the comments (so that others can have a go).



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Jenni Bowley

I think I know 4 of them - the last one is at the Barbican - north end of sloping path leading down from the high gardens towards Fortune St Park.


Number 3 is One Canada Square, right?


I think I know 4 of them. Number 1 will be found on a wall on Bishopsgate between the junction with London Wall and the Churchyard of St. Botolph-without Bishopsgate.


Number 2 is in Princelet Street E1 and Number 5 is in Fournier Street E1. Lot of history around these streets


Fournier Street

Ade Clarke

I have four as well. Number 4 is the old Albion brewery in Whitechapel.