In Pictures: St Patrick’s Day Celebration 2014

Happy St Patrick’s Day 2014!

On Sunday a sunny and springy London hosted the early celebration of St Patrick’s Day. The St Patrick’s Day parade was the main attraction with a theme of World of Dance. Thousands of spectators lined Piccadilly and Whitehall to watch and pay homage to the Irish patron saint, probably with a pint of Guinness in hand. The celebration culminated in Trafalgar Square, featuring an open-air concert.

Here are some cheerful and Irish-coloured pictures of yesterday’s celebration for you. And, if you can’t get enough of partying, then keep on cheering the Irish patron saint.

Many thanks to the photographers for allowing us to use their images via the Londonist Flickr pool: Massimo Usai, Dave Pearce, Zefrog and John Barber.

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