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Humorous Miniature Sculptures Are Roy's People

Humorous Miniature Sculptures Are Roy's People

Artists such as  Slinkachu and Marcus Crocker have shown that London is the ideal backdrop for miniature sculptures. Now comes Essex-born Roy Tyson with his own set of miniature individuals he calls Roy's People.

What makes these assembled scenes stand out is the sheer variety of expression that Tyson can convey with his humorous style. Miniature engineers perform a pit stop on a taxidermied scorpion while huntsman take aim at a snail which, although harmless, towers over them. But it's not just about presenting the surreal: a Coke can advertised as luxury living will strike a chord with any flat-hunting Londoner, and a tiny golfer taking on a full-sized golf ball could serve as an effective motivational poster.

Whether butterflies flown as kites or a forensic team investigating a cigarette, it's this diversity in style that ensures Tyson's work remains fresh. We're looking forward to his upcoming solo show.

Street Life: Roy's People is on at Curious Duke, 173 Whitecross St, EC1Y 8JT 3-26 April. Entrance is free.

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Blatant rip-off of Slinkachu? Where do you draw the line between being 'inspired by' another artist and actually just ripping them off?