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X-ray Art By Hugh Turvey At Oxo Gallery

X-ray Art By Hugh Turvey At Oxo Gallery

Hugh Turvey is an innovative artist who uses varying strength x-rays coupled with multiple exposures and filtering to create photograph/x-ray hybrids, which he calls Xograms. In his previous exhibition in 2009 his subjects ranged from sardines packed inside a tin to a moving x-ray image of a hand firing a gun — a work that still has us perplexed as to how it was done.

In this latest show he's back with his signature style capturing everything from the contorted foot of his wife inside a high heeled shoe up to an elephant skull. The preview images we've seen suggest that he's taken his work in a more abstract direction where multiple exposures of shark jawbones create geometric patterns that look very different from the source material.

The fact that he is able to turn something used to diagnose injuries into a creative tool makes for both an insightful and ultimately optimistic portfolio. Turvey is creating work like no other artist we've seen and so we await his latest creation with great anticipation.

X-Pose: Material and Surface is on at Gallery@Oxo, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, SE1 4PH from 12-23 February. Entrance is free.

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